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How does Surrogacy Work

How does Surrogacy Work


Surrogacy can be understood as the process in which there are two mothers of a child, first one is the real mother, whom the child is given after it gets born and the other one is a surrogate mother who has promised to keep that child in her womb till it gets born. The surrogate mother still can’t make a claim over that baby and thus the baby stays limited to its original parents and if I talk about the process and how it works, the details of it have been mentioned by me further in the article.

How does Surrogacy Work

How does Surrogacy Work

Actual Process of Birth:-

If I talk about the actual process of birth of a child, it is a natural phenomenon that a women meets periods and if she makes a sexual intercourse with her hubby in that time, She gets pregnant. The process involves sperms to be injected in her private part by the male private part and thus if one of these sperms gets able to reach the eggs in a women’s ova and fertilize it, she becomes pregnant and gives a birth to the baby.

Surrogacy Process of Birth:-

Unlike the normal pregnancy, In the surrogate process of pregnancy a surrogate mother is hired on some terms and conditions and the artificially fused gametes (male sperm fertilizing the female egg) are then transplanted in the surrogate mother’s uterus by the means of scientific approaches. Now this gives rise to the environment for flourishing of the fetus and thus a baby gets born after a certain period of time. This baby is called the surrogate baby and the mother who was hired to produce it was called as the surrogate mother.

Making The Contract For The Baby:-

After the surrogate baby gets born, it is handed over to the actual parents and then the surrogate mother is provided with the necessary medication and she is made to go away after the baby gets handed over to the actual parents and she has nothing to do with the baby afterwards as a contract is made before hiring her which specifies that she is becoming a surrogate mother either for money of due to her own will and she won’t ever make an indirect or direct claim over the baby. The parents live happily ever after with their children produced through surrogacy.

The surrogate mother cannot be called a real mother this way as none of her eggs gets fertilized through this process and she just rents her womb for some time, so as to keep the child in it and thus to make the delivery successful.


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