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How Does Laser Hair Removal Really Work

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work


Laser hair removal refers to the approach that includes the laser beam to be concentrated on the area of your hair and the pigment that makes hair absorbs this light and then makes the hair follicles get damaged. After these follicles get damaged, the hair removal takes place. This treatment can be practiced on various places of the body to go for hair removal, but people stay doubtful if it works of not and the answer stays hidden in this article.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Really Work (5 Steps)

How Does Laser Hair Removal Really Work

1. The Simple Answer To Your Question:-

If I talk about the experience of people about this approach, the answer r is surely “Yes.” Laser hair removal works for all. The damage caused to the hair follicles prevents the growth of hair at a particular place where the laser light is beamed and thus appear to be helpful for all.

2. Is There Any Pain Associated?

Another common question that people come across while talking about the laser based hair removal strategy is that if it will cause them pain or not and the answer is that it will cause you a pain as low as when you are pinched with a needle. The pain tolerance power depends from person to person, but still I will call this approach as painless.

3. Limitations of Laser Hair Removal:-

The extent of hair removal depends on the extent of damage that is caused to the hair follicles and thus the treatment cannot guarantee the 100% removal of the hair of a specific part for life time. If the hair follicles get nutrition and get able to overcome the damage, this might act reverse as well.
The efficacy is also not too much good and thus there are some associated limitations as well. It is much effective with dark hair or brown colored hair when they are in their growth stage.

4. Is A Single Treatment Enough?

In order to go for the laser hair removal approach, you might have to go for the multip0le treatments decided within a certain span of time. The doctor needs to ensure if the hair growth has been prevented or not and this way after the desired sessions, you are able to get rid of hair in a specific area. A perfect guidance needs to be made before going for the hair removal via laser treatment as it proves to be somewhat costly to go for multiple laser treatment sessions so as to get rid of your hair in a specific area.

5. Things To Remember While Going For A Laser Based Hair Removal:-

Before going for a specific laser hair removal session, remember to consult your family health specialist about it. Enquire about your specific hair and skin type and then go for the laser hair removal. You are also asked to go to a professional laser hair removal expert as the laser is after all an instrument only which is made by technicians and the power may vary from machine to machine. Remember to reach some government registered center so as to get the treatment done and remember to make enquiries first of all, if it will suit your hair type of not.


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