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6 Reasons How Does Insomnia Start

How Does Insomnia Start


Insomnia is a sleep based disorder in which people experience troubles related to sleep. Often a person with insomnia finds it hard for him to fall asleep even when the conditions of temperature and other factors are suitable and favorable for him. The person stays less active even during the day because of this and he also reports presence of other such disorders like depression, stress, irritability etc. to be present in his life schedule. Insomnia can be described as a functional impairment while being awake and the way this health disorder makes us suffer is also really pathetic. The way this health disorder starts or occurs can be elaborated as follows:-

How Does Insomnia Start

6 Reasons How Does Insomnia Start

1. Types of Insomnia:-

There are majorly two types of insomnia one out of which is primary insomnia and the other is secondary insomnia. Primary insomnia can result in an individual because of medical, psychiatric or environmental factors while the secondary insomnia lasts in a person when he finds himself completely unable to sleep even after taking the pills.

2. Cause of Insomnia:-

Insomnia is caused by psychiatric and medical factors. If your life is full of stress and workload which is carried forward to your home after office, this is likely to make you fall a prey to insomnia. Besides this, if your sleeping environment and habits are ill, this can also result in insomnia. Primary insomnia is easy to be treated by adopting minor changes with the sleep cycle and resting schedule but in case of secondary insomnia, you always need medical help and assistance.

3. The Traits of Insomnia:-

In insomnia, you find yourself unable to sleep and your eyes are likely to get heavy. You keep your eyes closed in order to get rid of this heaviness but still you are unable to fall asleep. This can occur because of lack of proper temperature/lightning arrangements and it can also occur to you because of some severe disease.

4. Medical Cause of Insomnia:-

The medical causes of insomnia include conditions like nasal/sinus surgeries, gastrointestinal problems, arthritis, asthma, chronic pain, excess fatigue and stress, back pain, high blood pressure, heart diseases, thyroid diseases, birth control, depression etc. Insomnia can also happen to you if you do not take proper diet and if your schedule includes a prolonged exposure to ill-lit working conditions.

5. Insomnia Can Also Result Because of Certain Drugs or Medicines:-

Certain drugs and medicines which keep you awake for a long interval of time can also result in insomnia. For example if you are taking a high intake of caffeine, you are likely to experience insomnia because of it. If you bath in hot water at night, this is also likely to keep you awake for long.

6. May Be a Cause of Underlying Sleep Disorders:-

If you are suffering from insomnia, there can be an underlying sleep disorder behind this ailment. Restless leg syndrome or any other such similar health issue experience problem of insomnia the most as in such health disorders, the person keeps awake because of the signs and symptoms that the health disorder brings with it.



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