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How Does Fallacy Affect Reasoning

How Fallacy Affects Reasoning


A Fallacy is basically a mistaken belief. You can take it as a misconception or a delusion or a decision based on unsound arguments whereas reasoning can be described as the action of thinking about something in a logical and sensible way. When you are going ahead with a mistaken belief, you are sure to work with assumptions more than reality and thus the most of decisions that you take in such time are bad decisions. It is habitual that one uses the power of reasoning in order to tackle situations that he is not familiar with and when all your assumptions are wrong, the decisions are also wrong. The ways in which fallacy can affect our reasoning power can be described as follows:-

How Does Fallacy Affect Reasoning

How Does Fallacy Affect Reasoning

1. Faults in the Construction of an Argument:-

When you are working with an argument generated from fallacy, the argument is likely to manipulate or persuade the actual scene by deception and thus even your power of reasoning get affected like this. Faults in the construction of an argument can often mislead you from the actual path.

2. Causes Faults with the Analogy:-

When you are making a comparison between one thing and another based on the reasoning generated from a fallacy or mis-manipulation of thoughts, you won’t be able to make that comparison in a better way and instead the entire decision will get prone to faults. The explanation and clarification that you were supposed to do with this comparison also gets affected.

3. Makes You a Prey to Ignorance:-

When you are taking wrong decisions because of a miss-manipulation or a fallacy, you become a prey to ignorance of others. Say your team leader or boss. The arguments that you make often mislead the entire team in such a time and these arguments are often a result of your reasoning power which shows worse results because of mis-manipulation.

4. Shifts you from the Path:-

There are always two options in front of you. One takes you to success and the other takes you away from the path. The mistaken beliefs that get generated because of fallacy often shift you from the actual path and make you distracted to the path which moves towards success.

5. Even Your Arguments get disapproved:-

We generally make arguments to prove our voice. When we move forward with a mistaken belief, all our researches and arguments are also mistaken. The arguments that we make in order to prove our voice also thus prove to be misleading and thus they are subjected to get disapproved by others.

6. Your Words are less convincing:-

When most of your arguments get disapproved by the others, your words prove to be less convincing and nobody is able to trust you. The position that you had earlier for a particular firm also gets spoiled and even if you are making a good point, still the people do not believe you as they think that you are a person with spoiled power of reasoning. You should never believe on mis-conceptions and mistaken beliefs. Rather you should bring ahead anything only if you are confirmed about it.


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