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How Does Drinking Beer Affect your Health

How Does Beer Affects Your Health


Beer is an alcoholic beverage consumed mostly in the season of summer. It is the third most popular drink amongst people after water and tea. Beer is made by the process of fermentation of the starches derived from cereal grains. Beer is sold in both, bottles as well as cans. Beer has both, positive and negative effects. Beer is positive for you if consumed in a limit. It is bad for you if taken in the form of an addiction. Here are some ways in which beer affects human health:-

How Does Drinking Beer Affect your Health

How Does Drinking Beer Affect your Health

Positive Effects of Beer on Health:-

1. Prevention of Diseases Related With Heart And Circulatory System:-

It has been found in a survey that the people who are prone to heart attacks and experience a weakness of heart can add beer to their diet as it can help them prevent diseases related with the heart as well as the circulatory system. It also reduces your risk to health problems like stroke.

2. Prevention of Hardening of The Arteries:-

There is a health problem of disease called atherosclerosis in which hardening of the human arteries is reported. In such a case, an individual is advised to try drinking beer as it can prevent the hardening of his arteries in such a situation.

3. Beneficial To Overcome The Old-Age Symptoms:-

It has rather been found that the old age drawbacks or symptoms like weakness of bones, decline of thinking skills etc. get prevented if you start taking a suitable amount of beer during this time. Beer also proves beneficial if you are suffering from the problem of gall stones or Alzheimer’s disease.

4. Prevention of Kidney Stones and Various Forms of Cancer:-

Cancers like prostate cancer, breast cancer and some other such cancers also get prevented if you consume beer. It has also been noticed that the piling of minerals and salts in the human kidney which is given the name of kidney stones can also be prevented if you consume beer.

Negative Effects of Beer:-

1. Linked with accidents:-

Most of the road accidents are made while driving under the influence of alcohol or beer. Though beer does not result in a hangover so easily, but still there are some people who experience hangover even with a slight amount of this beverage. Even if there is no hangover, still an accident can take place when you carry the beer bottle in one hand while trying to grab the steering wheel of your car with the other.

2. The Content of Ethanol in Beer Is Harmful:-

Beer is rich in the content of ethanol. This content in beer is proven harmful as when our body tries to metabolize this content, acetaldehyde gets produced which is a known carcinogen or a cancer spreading agent responsible for the spread of cancers like oral cancer, gastric cancer etc.

3. Causes Irritable Bowel Syndrome Problem:-

If you are suffering from chronic gastrointestinal disorders, you are advised not to take alcohol or beer in any amount. Taking beer in such a case can make you experience abdominal pain or irritable bowel syndrome.

4. High Content of Calories:-

Beer anyways is rich in the content of calories. You can find as much as 150 calories in just a single bottle of beer. It can give rise to your weight and thus can bring about an increase in number of problems which occur to you because of excess of weight.


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