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How Does AC (Air Conditioner) Cools the Room

How Does AC (Air Conditioner) Cools the Room


An air conditioner is the device that acts as a kind of heat pump that removes the heat from inside and ejects it outside. An air conditioner helps to keep the room cool and creates a kind of atmosphere that is favorable for sleeping. These days the air conditioners are in fashion in the metropolitan cities and can be seen in each and every house. The process of cooling action of an air conditioner is so simple with a part dedicated for each purpose and this can be explained as follows:-

How Does AC (Air Conditioner) Cools the Room

How Does AC (Air Conditioner) Cools the Room

1. Composed of many parts:-

An air conditioner is composed of many parts like Compressor, condenser, evaporator etc that have got their dedicated functioning in it. The better the power of compressor is, the better will be the power of cooling that it makes. The cooling will also depend on the temperature that you have set and also the quality of gas and chemicals that are used in it.

2. Hot coils outside and cool coils inside:-

The coils that generate hot air are always to the outside of an air conditioner while the coils that generate cool air are always to the inside. There is a wire gauze that purifies the air and the air thus we get is both cooled as well as purified.

3. Composed of a sink, a cooling apparatus and an air partition:-

First of all let me tell you that an air conditioner functions just like a heat pump which is destined to throw the heat outside and at the same time to throw cool air inside. The chemical conversion makes it possible along with the other components like evaporators etc.

4. The process actually involved:-

Actually just like any other pump, the function of an air conditioner is basically to pump the air but in this case, the air conditioner will pump up the hot air outside and the cool air inside which is why if you stand at the back side of an air conditioner when it is switched on, you will receive hot air blown over your face.

5. The resulted water moves out of an outlet pipe:-

During the pumping of air, the evaporation phenomenon has also got its importance and the water that gets cooled up is collected and then supplied to the outlet pipe which is generally flushed in a flushing pipe connected to the main hole.

6. The hot air is thrown outside:-

Besides throwing the cool air, the hot air is thrown outside and the more hot air gets ejected out, the more the room gets cooled and even the temperature can be adjusted according to the consumer’s needs switching it ahead or back with the help of air conditioner remote making settings with it.


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