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How Does a Pump Work Water (6 Steps)

How does a Pump Work


Talking about the various equipment that you use in your day to day lives, there are many equipment that makes the usage of a pump so as to function normally. Like if I talk about the refrigeration based pumps, these are called the heat pumps while the others like in a desert cooler or like that in the case of an electric water pumping motor. When we see these appliances working, a question comes to our minds that how these appliances are working, have you ever thought what actually happens when you make use of a pump ? here we are explaining the working of pumps on the basis of their type.

How Does a Pump Work Water (6 Steps) - HowFlux

How Does a Pump Work Water

1. Working of A Hand Pump:-

These pumps are fixed up the ground and do not make use of electrical energy at all and despite are fixed up with pipes after boring them in the ground. The mechanical energy is applied by the means of an individual’s hands who applied pressure on the hand pump handle and the water gets pumped this way.

2. The Working of a Gas Pump:-

You must have heard about the natural gas right? It is a product of fossils that used to be the live organisms once and the continuous processes that decomposed these fossils resulted in the formation of the natural gas that is purified and refined after extracting it and then reaches our homes. These plants are fixed up with the gas pumps that are fitted after boring the ground and make usage of electrical energy so as to pump up the gas and supply it for processing and ejecting the other mixed gases from it.

3. Reciprocating or Rotary Pumps:-

The reciprocating pumps make use of pistons, plungers and membranes so as to pump up the water or some other fluid. The valves fitted in these pumps bring about the desired action by pumping up the fluid in desired direction. This one might be a gear pump or a screw pump or even a vane pump.

4. Working of A Heat Pump:-

Talking about the heat pumps, these function to eject the heat out from some place keeping it cool. These pumps make use of the electrical energy so as to bring about the action they are meant for. These are used for the refrigeration purposes and serve to keep the food stuff cool.

5. Working of A Sump Pump:-

Talking about a sump pump, in it the pipes are bored down the earth after closing the gap so as to avoid electric short circuits and then water is pumped by the means of electricity. These can pump up huge volumes of water within no time and these generally have a life from 15 to 25 years.

6. Hydraulic impulse pumps:-

These pumps work out creating pressure by the means of a gas. In this approach, the gas trapped in the liquid is released which gets trapped in the pump that creates the desired amount of pressure, making the pump function and pump up the fluid for which it has been employed. These might be the air lift pumps or even the pulsar pumps.


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