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How does a Heat Pump Work

How does a Heat Pump Work


As the name suggests, the heat pump is a pump that pumps the heat. If I make you understand this in more complicated words, heat pump is a device that functions to pump out the heat from a specific area, keeping it cool and ejects the heat outside. Heat pumps are used within cold storages as well as the houses and buildings to keep the temperature controlled in them. The working of a heat pump can be described as follows:-

How does a Heat Pump Work

How does a Heat Pump Work

1. The Basic Job of A Heat Pump:-

The main and basic job of a heat pump is to take up the heat pumping it from the source and then eject it outside to the sink or the basin. The basin or sink is not actually a physical sink like what we have in the kitchen, but it refers to the outside part where the heat is ejected. Like you must have seen with the refrigerators or air conditioners, the inside portion is cool, while it ejects heat outside, same is the case with a heat pump.

2. The Actual Process Involved:-

While the heat pump is functioning, It is actually moving the thermal energy opposite to the direction of the heat flow, absorbing heat from the source and then releasing it to the sink. The power from an external source is made in use so as to fulfill the job and thus this way the heat pump accomplishes its job. Sometimes heat pumps can prove to be the best appliance for the storage of some food based products that need cool temperature to be stored.

3. Examples of Heat Pump:-

Approximately all the air conditioning, heating and ventilating devices that we use in our home, offices and other places are an example of a working heat pump. The refrigerator or the air conditioner that we use regularly at our homes is also an active example of heat pumps. Every device that is bought in use so as to cool a building will but obviously have a heat pump installed in it.

4. Working of A Heat Pump:-

After you switch on the external power source, the electrical charge starts flowing through the heat pumping appliance. The energy is bought down in use so as to pump up the heat from inside and eject it outside keeping the inner part cool and this way, a heat pump may be used for both the purposes including the cooling approaches as well as the heating approaches. In simple words, if I say the working of a heat pump is based on using a little amount of energy so as to export heat from one place to the other. The purpose gets fulfilled for the people who need to keep cool their houses and office buildings this way.


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