How Do You Tweet

How Do You Tweet


Twitter is an online social networking service that enables a user to send and read short character messages called tweets. Tweets can be posted so as to send some message, picture or link with the people following you and the people registered as well as unregistered both can view these tweets while the registered ones only have the authority to like these tweets and post new tweets of their own as well. In order to make a tweet, first of all you will need to get registered with twitter and then after registering with it, you will just need to follow some simple steps that I am mentioning here.

How Do You Tweet

How Do You Tweet

1. Getting Registered:-

In order to get registered with twitter, you will need to go to the web address or if you are using a mobile phone, you may even enter as well. If you are a smart phone user, you may even choose to download the dedicated twitter application so as to make tweets.

2. After Getting Registered:-

Just reaching the web page is not enough for getting registered, you will need to mention all your details in the specified fields and after making the desired verification for it, your Twitter account will get made this way. After you get registered for twitter, you will need to open up your account. You will find a text field out there at the top of your home screen and this field is the one that you will make use of while making the tweets.

3. Making A Tweet:-

Now when you have found the desired text area for making a tweet, you will need to think what you want to share with your followers. If you need to share a text based tweet, you will need to look for a quote of 140 characters or you may even choose to give a message to your audience, but that should not get more than 140 words as it is the specified limit for that. You may even choose to go for the image based tweet by attaching the specific image that you need to share with your followers or you may simply attach some video link or song link or any website link in your tweet as well. Simply decide what you need to tweet and then click on the dedicated tweet button. Your tweet will get posted this way and will get seen on your timeline.

4. Make Tweet Via SMS:-

You can even choose to make tweets using standard messaging service of your phone as well. What you just need for this approach is just a working SMS pack and that’s it, you are sorted. Simply open up your twitter account on internet and then connect with the webaroo SMS tweet posting service. This will give you a code or number on which you can send SMS so as to get them posted as your tweets when you are not having a working net pack with yourself.

5. Editing And Deleting A Tweet:-

After a tweet gets visible on your timeline, you will get an option to delete it as well. Once you delete a tweet, It will no longer be available for your followers. You can delete your own tweets, but you can’t delete what others tweet and share with you. If you find someone updating a tweet that you don’t like, you still have a choice with you to unfollow or block that person.


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