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How Do you Stub your Toe

How to Stub Your Toe


To stub your toes means to accidentally strike your toe against something. Stubbing your toes can hurt sometimes and thus you should perform this approach only if you are double confirmed that you surely wish to do that. Though one should not consider looking for options to stub his/her toe as it can result in a bleeding or toe injury, but still there are some circumstances in life when you have to do what you should not and if you are looking for the options using which you can stub your toe, here are some tips from our side to assist you in the same:-

How Do you Stub your Toe

How Do you Stub your Toe

1. Try Walking First:-

When we are walking fastly without seeing downside, we are sure to get stumbled and our toe is hundred percent likely to get stubbed against anything for sure. In order to stub your toe, thus you can try walking while looking in the sky. While walking in this manner, you won’t be able to focus on the things that come in your way and thus your toe is hundred percent likely to get stubbed this way.

2. Stubbed Toe Hurts Like Hell:-

Often stubbed toe hurts like hell. If you are trying to do this intentionally, you should be ready for the consequences in advance. There is another way to stub your toe and it follows an individual to kick a wall as hard as he/she can. By kicking the wall while being barefooted or wearing no sleepers, you can stub your toe easily this way.

3. If It Gets Serious It Requires Medical Attention:-

In some cases, stubbing your toe may result in an unexpected bleeding coming out from your nails and thus you are advised to keep medication ready in advance. In case there is an excess of damage, you will need to reach the doctor immediately.

4. Walking Barefoot:-

walking barefooted with nothing under your legs can often sometimes result in stubbing your toe as well. This includes hitting your toe against the furniture or the boundaries of your room. If nothing else works, just plug in your earphones and start roaming in and out of your room while keeping all the lights switched off. You are hundred percent likely to get your toe stubbed this way.

5. Colliding with A Piece of Furniture or a Curb:-

Keep furniture adjusted in your house to serve as an impediment for your toes. When you will be walking on floor, your toes are likely to meet multiple stumbling accidents this way and they are much likely to be stubbed as well. A collision with a piece of furniture of curb both can prove to be working this way.

6. Broken Stubbed Toe:-

In some of the cases, the injury gets more than just being stubbed and the stubbed toe gets broken as well. This will result in a Pain that persists for a few hours or more. The pain is much likely to return when putting pressure on the toe and thus you should adopt safety measures to avoid such an incident from happening with you.


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