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How do you Multiply Decimals in Easy Way

How do you Multiply Decimals in Easy Way


Decimal values are the values that are obtained after solving up the fractions. Fractions are of the form p/q i.e. ½ etc. Now taking the help of this example, when you will try to divide 1 with 2, the resulting value will be in decimal, i.e. 0.5 and this was just what we call as decimal in simple form, the decimal values may even be somewhat larger like 1.23456 etc. While trying to multiply the decimals, you will need to follow the approach that is same as the one that you bring in use so as to multiply the simple counting.

How do you Multiply Decimals in Easy Way

How do you Multiply Decimals in Easy Way

1. Understanding The Parts of A Decimal Value:-

To understand the parts of a decimal value, let me give you an example. Suppose we take a number, i.e. 18.234 in this number, “1” is at the tens place, “8” is at the units place and “2” is at the 1/10th place while “3” is at 1/100th place and “4” is at the 1/1000th place.

2. Trying To Multiply A Simple Decimal Value:-

Let us try to multiply a simple decimal value with a complete number suppose we multiply “1.5” with “3” then we will simply make the multiplication as we did in case of normal multiplication forgetting that there was a decimal in between and it will result as 45 and now we will put the decimal value at a place exactly as it was in case of the decimal number i.e. “4.5” and that is the answer that we get.

3. Multiplying Both Decimal Values:-

Suppose that both the numbers that we are multiplying have decimal in between them , i.e. “2.2” and “2.4”, in order to multiply these numbers, we will again make the simple multiplication ignoring the decimal value and it will give us the value as 528, now we observe that there were two numbers and both had got one digit after the decimal value, we will thus put decimal before the last two values of digit in this case i.e. “5.28” will be our answer.

4. Multiplying the Tough Calculations:-

Suppose the number that you choose are somewhat tough to calculate like suppose we are multiplying “2.33567” with “3345.67”, the calculation will be again done in a simple way only and we will ignore the decimal that is in between while doing so. The result will come as “78143810489” and as the total numbers coming after the decimal value were seven, the decimal will come before the seven characters from the last and we will get “7814.3810489” as the answer.

5. Multiplying the non-ending numbers:-

There are some decimal values that come with a bar above them like 1.336336336336……, you will find this number written as 1.336 and the last three digits after the decimal will be having a bar above them. In order to multiply these types of numbers, suppose we need to multiply 1.336336336… with 1.337337337…, we will first of take the round off value of the numbers and then make the desired calculations.

If the number at last is having a value greater than 5, one is added to the previous value and if the number is less than five, nothing is added to it like in case of 1.556, we will round it off as “1.57” and in case of “1.544”, we will round it off as “1.54”. Now talking about the question that we were solving, we will round off 1.336336336… as 1.34 and 1.337337337…, again as 1.34, the result, hence will come as “1.7956” that we can again round off as 1.8.


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