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How Do You Make Your Horse Rear

How To Make Your Horse Rear


Rearing of a horse is a condition when a horse or some other equine stands up with front two legs in the air and other two on the ground. Rearing may be a result of aggression, excitement, disobedience and even pain. Most of the jockeys teach and train their horses to do this.  Horses rear also in order to fight. This fight can be with the jockey when a horse gets out of control and this might even be controlled by the jockey to fight with someone else. Teaching a horse how to rear can be very much dangerous for you sometimes. In order to make your horse rear, you can take the help of the following tips:-

How Do You Make Your Horse Rear

How Do You Make Your Horse Rear

1. Bring your horse to a safe place:-

First of all bring your horse to a safer place. This can be an empty ground or a horse riding area. We are advising you to take your horse in the vicinity because anybody who comes in contact with a horse in such a time can get damaged and thus it is better if there is no disturbance for you as well as the horse in such a time.

2. Keep Your Back Away From Horse while running forward:-

Now we will move ahead. You have to run forward with your horse in such a way that your back is kept away from the horse. Lead and teach the horse now while running backwards and front keeping enough distance between you and your horse. Build momentum by running forward, but still keeping yourself safe.

3. Use Verbal and Visual Techniques:-

We can use both verbal as well as visual techniques to stop the horse safely and to prepare to transfer its energy upwards while making it rear. Train your horse in terms of motion and momentum to gain the desired effect. Don’t forget to wear protection while dealing with your horse as you are prone to falls in such a time.

4. Make motion with your arms:-

Horses are innocent and they can’t understand what you speak till you don’t make gestures with your hands. Make motion upwards with your hands towards your horse in such a way that it is able to understand that you are asking it to rear in an upward direction. Developing such an understanding bond with your horse can really make you teach much to it.

5. Give your horse verbal commands:-

Pair the motion of your hands with verbal commands. Let me make you understand this with an example. When you begin teaching the horse how to rear, just raise your hands upwards while saying “Up”, “Up”. The horse will understand your gesture and if it learns rearing while seeing your upside gesture, it will soon learn to rear with your sound verbal gesture of word “Up” as well and you can use this gesture while riding the horse to make it rear any time.

6. Keep going with the same way:-

Keep continuing with the same approach of training for your horse. Horses really understand friends and they understand simply everything that you teach them with love. Practice makes a man perfect and when it can teach a man, it can teach a horse as well.


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