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5 Steps on How do you Know you Have Bed Bugs

How do you Know you Have Bed Bugs


Never confuse bed bugs as cockroaches. These are the bugs that are nocturnal and they feed on human blood. You may find bed bugs hiding under your bed sheet and sucking on your blood for the whole night while you will stay un-noticed about it for the whole night as these bugs are too smart to let you get a clue about it and you just come to know that you are a victim of bed bugs when you watch out the marks at your back that have caused a sort of redness due to the blood sucking done by this bug. If you need to know that you have bed bugs or not, you may choose to go for some simple to follow tips that we are mentioning here.

How do you Know you Have Bed Bugs

How do you Know you Have Bed Bugs

1. Inspection of the Cracks and Crevices:-

The cracks and crevices around your sleeping area may be the habitat of these bugs and these bugs may choose to keep on hiding in these areas while in the day and may move out in the night so as to feed on your blood. If there is some crack or crevice around your sleeping area that needs to be inspected so as to check if it is the hiding place of some bug.

2. Simple Inspection of the Sleeping Area:-

Not just the area around your sleeping area, but the sleeping area itself also needs to be inspected as well. Simply take out the bed sheet, check the mattresses as well as quilts if there is some bug hidden somewhere in the sleeping area. The spaces that the beds come equipped with to make you store the things can possibly become a breeding zone of these bugs if they get some space to enter it.

3. The Back tells you A Lot:-

You may choose to show your back area to your partner or some elder so as to make him examine the portion and let you know if the back is suffering the bed bug bites or there is some other problem associated with you.

4. The Mat and Mattresses:-

The mat and mattresses that you have spread on the floor can also sometimes become a place for these bugs to hide out and come out at night. Even these areas need to be regularly inspected and vacuumed so as to check if you have got bed bugs in your surroundings or not.

5. Monitor the Room:-

The room that you live and sleep in should be monitored on a regular basis. Any time when you feel like you have seen something like a bug, you should go for the cleaning of the entire room. Simply check out everything from the A.C gauze to the rack and from the almirah to the closet. These might have become the hideouts of these bugs and thus regular monitoring may give you a clue if you have got bed bugs.


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