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How do you Get Rid of Warts on your Body

How to Get Rid of Warts on Body


Warts can be understood as the small and rough formation that has got the look like that of a blister and occurs commonly on your hands and feet. These may be a result of some viral infection and may be one of the varieties that they occur in. The fluid from these warts if comes in contact with your skin can make your skin get them as well. Though they go away and fade with time, but can even last for years in some of the cases. Though there are vaccines to prevent them, but still the cases can be seen in public that are unaware about this problem of skin and thus here we have come with some tips for you to get rid of them.

6 Steps of How do you Get Rid of Warts on your Body

How do you Get Rid of Warts on your Body

1. It Will Take Time To Heal Naturally:-

First of all, let me tell you that warts can get healed naturally but it takes time. Viral infections may take some time to get healed by themselves, and thus it will take time for them to get healed. You can go for the herbal or aayurvedic approaches as well.

2. Salicylic Acid Application:-

Salicylic acid can be understood as the acid made from the bark of the willow tree can be understood as an organic acid that can help you get rid of warts in a better way. Simply burn up these warts applying some of it on them and you will easily get rid of warts.

3. Freeze It With Liquid Nitrogen Spray:-

You can choose to freeze up the warts on your skin by making the use of nitrogen spray as well. Simply purchase a bottle of nitrogen spray, bring the nozzle near to the skin surface with warts and then spray up the liquid on the places or spots affected making it get freeze with time.

4. Minor Surgical Removal:-

You can even manage to go for a surgical type of removal by consulting it with your family doctor. The doctor will make use of a minor surgical blade to take out the puss and then get it healed with some medicinal remedy. This way all the warts that you have on your hands or toes will get easily eliminated and you will get a healthy and clear good looking skin.

5. Ice Pack And Orange Juice:-

Those who suffer the problem of warts can even choose to go for the application of orange juice on the affected areas of their skin. You simply need to take out some orange juice, Apply it on your skin and keep on doing this regularly, the warts will get disappeared with time as orange juice is rich in Vitamin-C that has been found to be beneficial against warts. You can even choose to take some ice from the refrigerator and apply it as an ice pack on the affected area. This way you will easily get relieved from the problem of warts.

6. Tea Tree Oil And Castor Oil:-

You can even choose to bring home a bottle of tea tree oil or even castor oil to massage the areas affected with warts in order to get rid of this skin condition easily. The application of these oils will provide a comforting and soothing effect against warts.


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