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How do you Get Diagnosed with Arthritis

How do you Get Arthritis


Arthritis is a rheumatic disease that affects your joints. This disease is often accompanied with symptoms like itching, pain in joints getting worse, the person getting unable to stand for much time, inability to walk, Swelling around the area of joints etc. This often takes place with the old aged people and may take place after the age of 55-65. The condition often gets worse in case a person does not have anybody after him to take care of him and this condition often proves to be a trouble for such people.

How do you Get Diagnosed with Arthritis

How do you Get Diagnosed with Arthritis

Causes of Arthritis:-

Talking about the causes that make you get arthritis, the cause depends totally on the wear and tear of the joints and tissues related to these areas. Let me make you understand this with example, reaching the age of 65, an old man would have made full use of his legs and every body part is just like a machinery part itself.

When machines meet wear and tear, how can the human body be kept away from it? This wear and tear of the related tissues and joints makes a person get in the grab of arthritis in the old age.

In some cases it has been seen that is, a person has met some big injury in the past, this might even make him fall a prey to arthritis. Some inherited factors may even result in arthritis and In some cases the bad habits of a person like drinking and smoking may even result in arthritis as well.

Your Occupation Can Put You At A Threat:-

The occupation that you are associated with can also make you get arthritis as well. Suppose you are related with some extra laborious work like suppose you are a coolie or you work as a person who lifts packaged goods for money or Lifts the cart etc, these jobs require much physical strength for you to complete them and thus your body tissues and joints start getting worn out.

Prevention of Arthritis:-

You are advised to take a great care of your body joints and muscles since the very initial age so as to avoid this problem in future. As I told you earlier, an injury can also result in arthritis and thus you need to keep yourself safer against accidents that can damage your joints so as to go for the preventive measures against this problem. The rest is all good care of the body and not to do highly muscular or laborious work that may make a damage to your joints.

What Happens In Arthritis?

With the daily wear and tear of body due to excessive muscular work that you do, the cartilage in joints gets reduced and this results in arthritis pain. Talking about the cartilage, we know that body is composed of cells that make tissues and tissues make muscles, Now one of the types of these tissues is named as the connective tissue. The work of connective tissue is to connect the joints and muscles. This tissue absorbs the pressure and shock that excessive workout or movement results in. By making this happen, it helps a lot to make the body relax and enhance smooth movement. Now just like a machinery meets wear and tear after working continuously after a limited time, the human muscles and joints also meet wear and tear with time as well. This wear and tear that I mentioned to make the cartilage get reduced, results in arthritis and pain because of it.


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