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How do you Get Cancer

How do you Get Cancer


Cancer, which is also called as a malignant tumor is a disease that involves the normal cells. These abnormal cells get spread to the other parts of the body causing a condition that may even cause you death. Cancer proves to be a curable disease in the beginning of it and then gets intense with increasing stage of it. The signs of Cancer may vary from the buildup of a tumor on body, prolonged cough, abnormal bleeding, change in the bowel movements and unexplained loss in weight. Though they might even be related to some other disease but you should go for an immediate diagnosis if some amongst these are seen in you at the same period of time. But the question that comes here is what makes you get cancer? And we are here to explain it in this article.

How do you Get Cancer

How do you Get Cancer

1. Environment That You Are Living In:-

The environment that you are living in can also cause you cancer. Suppose you are working or living in an environment with content of asbestos in it, you are most probable to suffer from Mesothelioma. Tobacco may cause you lung cancer and even if you are drinking alcohol or met infection or exposure to some radiation, You are most likely to suffer from cancer.

2. Exposure to Carcinogens:-

If you get exposed to the carcinogens, which can be regarded as the agents that may cause you cancer. These may include a radiation or a radionuclide or even a radiation that can make you get in the grab of cancer. These may be the radioactive substances or even the others that include asbestos, gamma rays, alpha particles, ultra violet rays and even tobacco smoke.

3. Harmful Free Radicals:-

The process of oxidation results in the formation of harmful free radicals in your body. These free radicals are chemically reactive towards the other substances and can bring about the spread of cancer cells and thus they become another cause for you to get cancer.

4. Cancer Due To Infection:-

Cancer may even happen to you due to some infectious disease as well. Approximately 18% of deaths are caused due to this type of cancer worldwide and viruses, bacteria and parasites that cause infection to an individual are the major cause behind it.

5. Exposure To The Ultra Violet Radiations:-

If you have been exposed to the ultraviolet radiations for a prolonged period, this may cause you melanoma and even the non-ionizing radiations can cause you cancer as well. The main sources of non-ionizing radiations may include your mobile phone, radio frequency radiation, electric power transmission and cell phone radiation as well. It is advised to keep your newborn baby away from mobile phones due to this reason only.

6. Hormonal Cancer:-

Even some hormones can make you suffer cancer by promoting the cell proliferation. Hormones are even found to be responsible for sex related cancer and breast cancer, testis cancer, etc. Obese people have a high level of a specific hormone that can make them suffer from cancer as well.


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