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How do you Get Bed Bugs off your Surroundings

How do you Get Bed Bugs


Bed Bugs can be understood as the parasitic insects that feed on an individual’s blood and stay in areas with dirt and mostly in gutters and sewage areas and make your home their breeding place sometimes. They are not nocturnal, but get operational mainly in the dark and feed on their host without even getting noticed. The effects of these bed bugs on us may include skin rashes, allergic symptoms and even some diseases due to the dirt they come with when sitting near the food surroundings. We know that bed bugs are injurious for us, but what is that makes us get them in our surroundings?

How do you Get Bed Bugs off your Surroundings

How do you Get Bed Bugs off your Surroundings

1. Favorable Temperature Conditions:-

Bed bugs are found to be able to survive a temperature below 16°C and some can even survive a temperature of -10°C when after hibernation. They can survive low humidity and like to stay even in extreme temperatures. What these bed bugs do, they hide out near your surroundings and suck out your blood in un-noticeable way.

2. They Suck Your Blood When Other Preys Are Not Available:-

Bed bugs choose to feed on your blood when other preys are not available and thus you can choose to bring home some bed bug repellant spray to be sprinkled around the corners of the house in order to get rid of them.

3. Your Warmth:-

Your warmth proves to be the point of attraction of these bed bugs. The more deeper you go in your sleep, the closer they come to you. They will simply keep on lying under your mattress and suck your blood after you sleep. The sign of your blood being sucked will be noticed the next morning when you will see some patches on your back portion.

4. Availability of Carbon Dioxide:-

Carbon dioxide is found to fascinate these bed bugs and as you know that we humans breathe oxygen and emit out carbon dioxide, they make us their prey. You can choose to sprinkle some boric acid or pest control solutions in your surroundings if there is great danger of these bed bugs.

5. When You Do Not Check Your Sleeping Surface Before Sleeping:-

In order to get rid of bed bugs, the best method is to check out your surroundings before sleeping. You can manage to look under your bed and clean off the mattress as well as your quilt and bed sheet before sleeping so as to avoid any bed bug be hiding in your surroundings.

6. Simply Because of Dirty Surroundings:

Bed bugs live most primarily in hide outs in sewer holes, kitchen pipes and even under your bed and gaps of almirah sometimes and thus there is a great need to heal up these hideouts so as to avoid them keep on making these places to be their permanent hide out homes.
You can even choose to kill bed bugs at sight with your footwear at the time one amongst these bed bugs comes in front of your eyes.


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