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How do you French Kiss


Have you ever seen any Bollywood movie of famous television star,“Emraan Hashmi”? well, he is known as a serial kisser in the Hindi films Industry due to his roles that always include some bold scenes like doing French kisses with the television actresses. Though you may find it quiet interesting for yourself to watch these scenes, but your parents may find it quite irksome for you to watch some things howsoever romantic you may find it. But if you are a grown up and you want to learn this style of kissing to do it with your partner, well here we are describing this art for you.

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How do you French Kiss

1. Yes, French Kissing Is An Art:-

If you will take French kissing as a medium of entertaining yourself, you won’t be able to get the most out of it and thus you are advised to take it as an art instead. Just propose your partner and ask her to get cozy with you. Let her feel normal with you and start kissing her in such a way that she and you both get satisfied. Pleasure is not meant for a single person and hence both the partners should get equal amount of it.

2. Starter’s Tip For French Kissing:-

French kiss means a deep kiss. Simply remember that while kissing, your tongue will need to explore your partner’s mouth in such a way that her breathing stays normal and she gets the utmost pleasure out of it. Start by grabbing hands in her hands and take her by the wall side. Then simply start squeezing her in your arms and let her lower lip come in contact with your lips. Let her lower lip come in between both your lips in such a way that you are able to kiss it in a better way.

3. Essence of A French Kiss:-

After licking her lower lip for a while, tighten her grab in your hands. You may also choose to hold her head in a gentle way and start taking your tongue inside her mouth. Let your tongue lick her tongue and keep on doing like this only. Lick her tongue as well as both the lips, but keep this in mind that you need not block her airways. Keep it slow and don’t get over excited with it. Let romance be the main essence of your kissing session, though you can get intimate afterwards, but the first half should be focused on kissing only and you should try to get the best out of it.

4. Getting Ahead:-

As skin and tongue are sensory organs, your partner’s tongue and lips are sure to get stimulated this way and she will start getting utmost pleasure out of this act of yours. Keep on holding her face firmly while you try to slip off your tongue in her mouth and suck on the lips. Keep on squeezing other parts of her body in the mid like her breasts and her back portion including her bumps so that she gets immense pleasure and gets aroused this way. You can also choose to kiss her naval portion and her neck in between so as to let her get some fresh air in between. After you feel it has been enough time squeezing and kissing her, just get intimate and that’s it. Love making can’t be better than this.


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