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How do you Find Out your Blood Type

How do you Find Out your Blood Type


Blood is a fluid that flows through our veins and makes us survive. We know that in several cases a patient is made to receive blood from some donor and the blood can only be donated with a respective blood group, but what is the deciding factor that makes us determine the blood type that a person is associated with? It is still a matter of doubt for much of us and thus we are explaining it here for you.

How do you Find Out your Blood Type (4 Steps) - HowFlux

How do you Find Out your Blood Type

1. Getting Aware About The Blood Groups:-

Talking about the blood groups, it is not necessary that the person who needs blood will have a same blood group type like the one you have and if the blood that you have in your veins is taken out so as to supply it to an individual with a different blood group, this will make him die out of it.

2. Blood Tests To Know The Blood Group:-

As I told you earlier, If a person needs blood, he or she should be supplied with the blood group of the same type as which he has got with him in his veins. The method that is used so as to know the specific blood group is referred to as a blood test in which you have to reach some blood testing laboratory in which the associated person will take out a drop of blood from your finger so as to view it under a slide placed at a microscope and this will be the base of further experiment to let you know what blood group you are having.

3. Self-Blood Test Kits:-

There are certain blood testing kits available these days in the markets that can be bought in use so as to know your blood group. Simply follow up the instructions written in the user manual and then you will be able to do a self-blood group test this way.

Never use any syringe so as to take out blood from your finger that has been used by some other person as it might put you to a risk of HIV if the person is infected and thus a separate needle should be used each time you take out drop of blood from your finger.

4. Best Way to Get Free Blood Test:-

If you wish not to spend your money on blood tests, you may choose to go for a free blood group determination by reaching some blood donation firm. They will take out blood from you so as to help others who need it and they will give you a form filled with the blood group that you have got in your veins and that too for free.

Donating blood rather lets you know if you are suffering from some blood related diseases as well and that too for free again. Blood donation is a good act as it saves lives of people and they issue you a blood donation certificate that you may bring in use whenever you need some blood for any member of your family. Simply show it and get the blood units for yourself.


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