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How Do You Cut Slate Floor Tiles

how do you cut slate floor tiles


Slate is one of the metamorphic stone formed from layers of mud compressed under pressure and heat. Now most of us prefer to use such floor tiles laying them on the floor of our houses. If you are planning to lay such tiles in your house yourself, you will perhaps face a difficulty while trimming and cutting these tiles as it gets quite tough sometimes to cut or shape up such tiles. Simply all the slate tiles are cut and trimmed in the same way and if you also wish to position such tiles in your house, you can follow these simple tips to cut slate floor tiles for your house:-

how do you cut slate floor tiles

How Do You Cut Slate Floor Tiles

1. Note down the Length/Breadth Specifications:-

First of all we will note down the length/breadth and other such specifications related to the particular surface where the tiles are to be laid. Now we will make calculations based on how many complete tiles will be needed to complete the area and how many tiles will need to be cut or trimmed in order to lay them over the surface.

2. Begin Laying Full Tiles first:-

We begin laying the complete tiles first. Sand is laid over the surface first and no tile chemical or adhesive is brought into use. We are just placing the tiles in this approach and we do not permanently fixing them at all. Now the space left after placing the complete tiles is noted down and its length/breadth and other such specifications are noted down.

3. Find the Right Section to Cut:-

The slate tiles may vary in thickness when compared to one another and thus you will need to consider this factor as well. These can also vary in color and thus you should inspect each and every tile before fixing it. Tiles matching each other in color and texture should be placed at the same place and those who differ should be placed next to similar tiles.

4. Switch on an Electric Tile Cutting Machine:-

Now here comes the time to switch on the electronic cutting machine. This machine will be composed of a blade which starts rotating once you switch on the machine. You can make a mark of pencil or chalk on the tile which needs to be cut and then you can bring it closer to the cutting machine in order to cut it from the place of mark.

5. Keep Water Ready to Avoid Generation of Dust Smoke:-

When you try to cut the tile as it is, smoke of dust is likely to get generated and thus it is better if you keep water in a mug ready in advance. Keep supplying this water on tile when cutting machine is cutting the tile to prevent the dust from entering anyone’s eyes.

6. Usage of Tile Saw or Hand Cutting Tool:-

You can also use a tile saw or hand cutting tool in order to cut tiles when there is a situation of power cut. Now when you have cut and trimmed the tiles from desired area, place them in the similar way as we had placed the other tiles and then position them permanently applying the tile cement or tile adhesive chemical to make them fixed permanently.


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