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How do you Become a Radio Host

How to Become a Radio Host


A radio Host or a Radio Jockey can be understood as a person who hosts the programs on air on a specific radio channel that is categorized with a suitable radio frequency and thus the success of the entire show depends on him only. Radio Jockey’s get an awesome salary and the job is just to entertain people by playing songs and get together with the audience. All you need is just a knowledge of various genres of Music and the ability to host talk radio taking calls from the listeners and deliver news, advertisements as well as the traffic information, etc. Radio hosts may even supposed to be associated with the dealing of online information like blogs and online connection with listeners as well.

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How do you Become a Radio Host

1. The desired qualities in you:-

In order to become a radio jockey, you will need to inculcate good communication skills in yourself. You should be fluent in a specific language and you should have guts enough to interact with people in a better way. The better your communication skills are, the easier it will get for you to interact with people.

2. The requisite degree:-

In order to become a radio jockey, you will need to have a degree in broadcasting, communications and journalism. After you have got completed the degree with good marks, you might have to wait for an opportunity so as a vacancy gets available in some radio station.

3. After You Get Qualified:

After you get qualified enough as to go for an interview, you will need to wait for a vacancy or a chance to be a radio jockey. There are competitions organized time to time with radio stations that can give you a direct entry to the radio world and you can even choose to go for an interview with some local radio station as well.

4. Face off:-

When you reach the radio station for a job, they will ask you to give a demo how you will interact with the people on air and thus the better your interview goes, the earlier you will get on air as a host. You will be made to sit near a mike to speak like what you will do when you will be live on air and then if you get a job, you will host the programs likewise.

5. What A Radio Host Basically Does?

While driving your car in the metro cities, you must have heard the radio shows, sometimes so as to hear the songs on air. These songs are played by the radio jockeys who keep on talking with you while in their shows and keep on offering you gifts for making calls with them. When you make a call, they answer it and sometimes ask you different-different questions in the exchange of movie tickets and gift hampers.

This is the job that a radio jockey does. If you are working with some news related radio station, it will require you to have reporting based abilities like news reporting, manipulation etc and even if you are planning to work with a commentary or interview related radio station, your voice will only make you get rewarded with the job.


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