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How Do We Grow as a Person

how do we grow as a person


We grow from a baby to a toddler and from toddler to a child. Then the child enters adolescence and then comes the puberty to finally make an adult out of a child, but what is the force that governs all this and what makes us grow more and more? The fact is still unanswered to the most of us as we have taken it for granted that it is necessary for humans to grow, but to enhance the proper growth, it is better you know the exact process for it and to make you familiar with the same, we are here providing some tips that are sure to make you some benefits.

how do we grow as a person

How Do We Grow as a Person

1. We Take Food:-

First of all, In order to grow, we take food. This food may include the carbohydrates, the fats, the proteins, the minerals, the vitamins and other such nutrients that are beneficial for health. The nutrients that you take in liquid form are the best absorbed by your body while the ones that you take from solid food first need to be broken down into simpler parts and then is utilized as energy.

2. There Are Several Body Systems functioning:-

There are several body organs functioning at the same time, like the separation of oxygenated as well as deoxygenated blood is being done and sideways the respiration as well as excretion is being done. The waste is being eliminated and the energy is being used for the various body purposes.

3. The Food Is Broken Down From Complex to Simple:-

Talking about the food, when we take it through our mouth and start chewing, the saliva is mixed up with the food and then various kinds of enzymes act upon it. These enzymes help to break down the food from complex to simple and then the energy is extracted out of this simple form of food after transferring it to the acidic content produced in the stomach.

4. The Energy Is Bought In Use Out of It:-

As I told you earlier that even after breakdown the various kinds of juices like pancreatic juices or the bile juices will be added along with the acid, which is basically the HCL or hydrochloric acid and after this acid comes in contact with the simple form of food, the energy will be taken out of it that can be used for various purposes in the body.

5. Specific Kind of Food for Specific Purpose:-

There is always a specific kind of food for specific purpose like suppose you have met indigestion, you should eat whole wheat or suppose you need to make your bones strong; you should take enough calcium in your diet. Suppose you suffer anemia, you should try out spinach as it is rich in iron and thus taking the food according to the deficiency that you have met, you can easily get nourished and achieve the desired growth.

6. The Better the Nourishment, the Better the Growth:-

Now you must be aware of the fact that food will give you the nourishment and in order to get the nourishment, you will need to take food and that too off specific kind with specific vitamins and minerals. The better growth is ensured by better supplements that your food provides you.


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