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How Do Spirits Communicate with the Living

How Do Spirits Communicate with the Living


The soul that has separated from an individual’s body and is alive even after death is referred to as a spirit. The spirits mostly can be known through the concepts of study of supernatural or what we call paranormal. It is believed that the spirits who are not able to complete what they desired to be accomplished before their death keep on roaming around even after they get dead and though unseen to the most of us, still these spirits can be felt and if we believe to the ones who have felt them, these spirits even communicate with each other as well as the person who wish to talk with these spirits. The way spirits communicate can be illustrated as follows:-

How Do Spirits Communicate with the Living

How Do Spirits Communicate with the Living

1. The signs that they give you when they wish to communicate:-

The spirits do not communicate while speaking. They just give you signals that they wish to communicate and try to tell you what they wish in forms of signals. Spirit do not have a voice but traces of signals reported by them have been reported by people who were targeted by these spirits.

2. Fluctuation of All the Lights Together:-

It has been reported by some people that they were targeted by spirits. At night all of the lights would start fluctuating   together and when electrician was called there was no fault found within lights or the electricity system. They may also give you signals like any message written with blood on your dressing table or on any of the walls of your house.

3. Music Starts playing All Of A Sudden:-

Some of the affected people also reported that they heard music being played even when they had no music system in the house and that too at night when nobody generally plays the music. Some even said that their music systems started playing when even the switch was off and some even reported someone to be sitting over their roof top daily at night while singing and trying to speak something.

4. Room Temperature Gets Colder:-

Some even say that when there is a spirit around, the temperature of room gets colder than before and you can feel a kind of chill even in the summer in that room. Sometimes you may even hear a whispering sound in your ears at around 3 pm when there would be nobody around when you wake up.

5. You May See Shadows:-

You may even see multiple shadows trying to make their way through the house. These shadows are sure to signal something and would be seen moving in such a way that you are sure to try dodging them. When you try to move after them, they bring you to such a place where you see clue about what actually they wished to tell you.

6. Phone Rings At Once and Television Also Shows the Same Signs:-

There may also be some other signs like the phone may start ringing at one when there may be no number displayed on the screen or even the television may start being switched on at once even when you did not switch it on. The fans also may show the same signs.


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