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How do Philosophers Earn Money

How do Philosophers earn Money


The philosopher is the one who studies philosophy. A philosopher is someone who runs after wisdom or you can say that he is a person with intellectual property of great use. Any intellectual who has made contributions in social theory, political philosophy, humanities, meta-physics, ethics, aesthetics, logic, social theory, epistemology or any other kind of science, such as history, economics, sociology, physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, linguistics, anthropology, theology etc. is called a philosopher. For example, Ravindra Nath Tagore was both, a poet as well as philosopher. The ways in which philosophers earn can be described as follows:-

 How do Philosophers earn Money

How do Philosophers Earn Money

1. Philosophy Generates Research:-

Most of the philosophers get involved in research activities after learning philosophy. This includes research in studies of science, politics, sociology etc. They make experiments and propose new theories. These experiments and theories so produced make them earn.

2.  They Find Existential Questions about Human Condition:-

Some of the philosophers also get busy in finding existential questions about human condition. To study human condition and humanities is one of the best profession in today’s world to earn as humans are always curious to learn about themselves and their existence. Some philosophers with media links also fetch job for themselves in TV serials related with philosophy and the others start their knowledge portals or websites.

3. Most of Them Are Perfect Writers Also:-

Most of the philosophers are perfect writers as well. They choose a perfect topic of research and hence get busy in writing thesis and theories publishing them to put in front of people. They get readers, fans and lots more. The revenue generated from sales of these books also proves to be an option of earning for these philosophers.

4. Philosophers Earn In Many Fields:-

There is not a single field in which philosophers do earn and instead they earn in multiple fields. I won’t irritate you again and again by mentioning these names as the names are the same that I mentioned in the beginning. These are the same which are studied by a philosopher when he joins philosophy and starts studying it. His knowledge is the only source of his income.

5. Even the Career Making Appreciates Philosophy:-

The career making courses like law schools, journalism, writing, diplomacy, computer science, health care etc. always needs philosophers and has a scope for them in it. Most of the law schools value applicants with degree in philosophy and same is the case with journalism. Philosophers are in demand as diplomats and policy makers. A philosopher can’t be taken apart from the field of business as well.

6. Government Pays You Even If You Just Research And Do Nothing Else:-

If you have been a student of philosophy in the initial days of your career say graduation and post graduation, the government again gives you a chance to keep studying while earning. Just appear in some high level exam such as NET etc. or directly go for the courses like PhD or doctorate. The government pays allowances and research amount to such people who choose to make a career in research after graduation by cleaning such higher degree/doctorate options.


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