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How do Magnets Work

How do Magnets Work


Magnets are the substances that have got magnetic properties in them. Magnet can be simply referred to as the objects that have got a magnetic field associated with them and can attract or repel any other magnetic object. The magnetic objects refers to the objects that pay a response to the magnets for example: iron, steel, nickel and cobalt, etc. and in order to understand the working of a magnet, we will need to understand all the aspects that a magnet is associated with.

How do Magnets Work

How do Magnets Work

Magnetic Field:-

All the magnets work on a single base and that is the magnetic field. There is a field associated with every magnet in which if you keep any magnetic substance, it will either get attracted or repelled. A strong magnetic force is associated with every magnet that we refer to as the magnetic field. In case of a wire, the magnetic field is observed when we pass charge through the wire loop.

What Are Magnetic Field Lines?

These lines are not seen to anybody as they exist but are not seen physically and are imaginary rather. You won’t get what I am saying till you do a practical yourself. Simply take some iron fillings and place them slightly apart of each other in a perfect space within each iron filling. Now place a magnet far from these iron fillings and start bringing it closer. You will see that the more you bring it closer, the more iron fillings get stick to it. These iron fillings have got stuck to the magnet due to these magnetic field lines only.

The magnetic lines of force may refer to the lines that we draw so as to describe the magnetic field and force applied when north pole of a magnet is placed in the magnetic field created by another magnet, these lines of force are experienced and thus depicted in the form of an imaginary line based diagram that we refer to as the magnetic lines of force.

What is a magnetic field result of?

The magnetic field is a result of magnetism. In case of an electromagnet, when we provide the electric power to the electromagnet, the current flows through it and a magnetic field is created around it. The magnetic field in this case was a result of the motion of electrons around the wire loop while in the case of a temporary magnet, it is the result of the magnetic field of the magnetic object to which the temporary magnet has been attached.

Why Do Magnets Attract or Repel?

Have you ever seen a bar magnet? Well it is a simple bar that has got magnetic properties in it or you may say it is a bar type of magnet. Now we will take it to experiment about the concept of attraction or repulsion.
Talking about a magnet, one of the head is regarded as the north pole and the other is south pole of it. When you bring north pole in the contact of south pole, the magnets will attract as it is the nature of a magnet to attract the unlike pole while when you bring the two like poles in contact of each other, like you make north pole come in contact of the other north pole, this will make them get repel of each other and the case is same with almost all the types of magnets.


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