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How do i Plan to Achieve my Career Goals

How Do I Plan To Achieve My Goals


Someone has perfectly said that you have done nothing, if you have not dreamed about anything as the one who watches dreams only knows which dream got fulfilled and which dream did not. Actually, a human is nothing without a goal in life and a goal is nothing if you do not plan to achieve it. Any goal can be achieved in life with a perfect and a working plan. If you plan to achieve your goals, you will surely achieve it someday and thus it is always preferable to have some goals and plan to achieve them.

How do i Plan to Achieve my Career Goals

How do i Plan to Achieve my Career Goals

1. Have a Dream or Dreams:-

There is no goal in life till you do not watch dream. Those who watch dreams with their eyes opened are the real dreamers and such people are mad after their dream and goal. They just watch one dream and that single dream is always oriented towards their goal. They keep on thinking the most of their time about the target that they have set for themselves and this target makes them go insane to achieve it.

2. Be Insane like Anything to achieve them:-

Just by watching the dreams, you won’t get succeeded at all. In order to get succeeded, you will also need to be insane like anything in order to achieve your goal. You should be ready to do anything in order to cross every hurdle which comes in between you and your goal.

3. Decide an Ideal Personality to follow:-

A successful person always talks about a person that he used to follow in order to be successful himself. You can also decide a personality for yourself to follow first of all. You should consider an ideal person for yourself and you should try every possible effort from your side in order to be like that person.

4. Stay in Company of Successful People:-

People who stay in a company of fools always become fools themselves and the people who stay in a company of losers always turn out to be losers themselves. Same is the case with successful people as well. If you stay in the company of successful people, they will support you and tell you endless ways to be successful in achieving your goal. You can thus start staying in a company of successful people to make them your mentor and live life their way in order to achieve your goal successfully like suppose if your goal is to become world’s best football player, you will need to stay in a company of the world’s best football player in order to make way for yourself in this field.

5. Do Everything to Achieve Your Goal:-

When guru Dronacharya refused to teach dhanurvidya or archery to Eklavya’s, he simply made an idol of guru Dronacharya in the woods and started practicing archery with a bow and arrow made of tree branches. He became so perfect in archery soon that it made guru drone fear about Arjuna’s place in the field of archery. This is what we call a person truly mad after his dreams. You should learn something from Eklavya’s example. Simply adopt every possible measure to inspire yourself and never lose hope. You will surely be successful someday.


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