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How Do I Not Call My Ex Partner

How Not to Call My Ex-Partner


Break-up is the toughest time in a particular relationship. You break-up, your ex calls you and keeps calling to apologize, but you make your mind not to believe your ex-partner again as once a ditch is always a ditch. In such a time, these again and again arriving calls on your phone act as your worst enemy as the human heart residing in your body keeps on saying,” Pick up the call just once. He/she used to be your partner once” and this is the only time of judgment where you can either become a prey to your ex-partner’s words once again or you can prevent him/her from taking an advantage or befooling yourself once again. The best way to cope up with such a situation is to prevent yourself from calling back your partner and you can do this by adopting the following ways:-

How Do I Not Call My Ex Partner

How Do I Not Call My Ex Partner

1. Download A Call Barring Application In Your Phone:-

The calls appearing again and again on your cell phone are much likely to leave your mind distracted and thus the best way to not call your ex-partner is to download a call barring application as when you won’t be reported about the again and again appearing calls, you will be able to live a tension free about it.

2. Keep Him/her blocked From Social Networks and Even Mails:-

Block your ex-partner from social circles, Email contacts, Skype, Whatsapp and even the other such social networking contacts so that you may not see him anywhere. Deactivate your social accounts for some time if he contacts you making several fake profiles. Preventing your ex-partner from contacting yourself is also one of the working ways to prevent yourself from calling him back again.

3. Set a Reminder That You Won’t Trust anyone:-

Take your mobile and set a reminder that you won’t call your ex-partner ever. You can also set a reminder that you don’t have to trust anyone. This reminder will keep reminding you each and every day that you don’t have to call your ex-partner and you will be able to control yourself this way.

4. Ask yourself what’s The Point to call now:-

Just ask yourself a simple question, “What is the point in calling him/her now?” Trust is a small word when we speak about it but it takes countless days and months for one to be able to trust someone and when that someone breaks your trust, he should never be forgiven at all. In such a time, just go to your best friend and share everything with her. You will really feel calmed down like this.

5. Change Your Number and Forget Your Partner’s Number:-

Besides all the above mentioned approaches, you can change your contact number as your ex-boyfriend is sure to try contacting you again with a fake number. Go to some hill station or a relative’s house for some time. You will feel better. Getting committed with someone else better than your ex-partner can also prove to be a working way in some such cases.


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