How Do Fishes Breathe in Water

How Do Fishes Breathe


Every organism in this universe needs some raw materials for making the energy to do work. This energy is made breaking down the food in simple from complex ones and the making of simple from complex is done in the presence of gases that we inhale. This process is referred to as respiration. All living beings do respire though the method of respiration may be slightly different with environment and same is the case with fishes as well. To know how exactly the fishes respire, we will need to get a bit deeper and that you can do along with me reading the further lines that we are describing.

How Do Fishes Breathe in Water

How Do Fishes Breathe in Water

Obviously Oxygen is an Answer:-

Just like human beings require oxygen to breathe, even the fishes require oxygen to breathe. This oxygen is obtained by them in the form of water dissolved oxygen that they take for the purpose of breathing and thus if someone asks you how do fishes breathe, you may simply answer with the help of oxygen dissolved in water.

The Difference between Human Respiration and Fish Respiration:-

The breathing area must be dry and empty of fluids to work properly. When we take a breath, tiny air sacs in our lungs pull oxygen out of the air and carry it to our bodies’ cells. Regarding the respiratory system, the wind pipe stays close when we are eating something and food pipe stays opened while the wind pipe gets opened when we are breathing while the food pipe gets closed at the same time.

Special Parts for Special Environment:-

Now just imagine, if you try to breathe underwater, your mouth will get filled with water and thus you won’t be able to take breath because of the fact that there is water in your mouth that will block the air pipe and thus the breathing won’t happen.

But in case of fishes, they take the oxygen dissolved in water and for this purpose the fishes have got gills that are the feathery organs full of blood vessels that enable a fish to respire or breathe by taking water into its mouth and then forcing it out through the passage of gills. Now the dissolved oxygen will move into the blood and travel to its cells, keeping it alive while the water will be ejected out once again.

Some Fishes can even come to the Surface:-

Some fish species like whales, which are extra huge in length also prefer coming to the sea’s surface so as to take some fresh oxygen. In some of the cases where we take the case of amphibians, these can take breath in both the water as well as air and thus you may see crocodiles on land as well as even in water. The mechanism of these gills that the fishes have got is somewhat different in structure but the functioning is nearly the same.


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