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How do Earthquakes Happen, Definition of Earthquake

How do Earthquakes Happen, Definition of Earthquake


Earthquakes can be understood as the sudden shaking felt in the earth’s surface that can tremble the earth and can cause many injuries if the magnitude is high. Recently an earthquake came in Nepal and India in which more than 6000 people died, well we all know that earthquakes keep on coming making the earth to feel shaken and trembled but what is the cause behind it? well let me make you understand the process, there are three layers of earth that we live on and these layers can be understood as the crust, mantle and core. Earthquakes develop in the earth’s crust which involves earth surface, water surfaces and includes massive energy that is trapped in earth that makes its path to come out and earthquakes happen. Let us go somewhat deeper.

How do Earthquakes Happen, Definition of Earthquake

How do Earthquakes Happen, Definition of Earthquake

1. Movement of Tectonic Plates:-

The earthquakes because of the movement of tectonic plates that arises due to the formation of energy that gets trapped and causes the movement of these plates to come out and thus causing earthquakes. The stored energy basically tries to get released and that is why we often see the roads cracked from middle as this energy tries out to escape the earth causing a crack in it.

2. Earthquakes Beyond The Tectonic Zone:-

Earthquakes can even be caused at the areas that are not located on plate boundaries. Like if I talk about the San Andreas fault, earth quakes occurred away from the plate boundary and developed in a broader zone of deformation and thus you can’t say that If you don’t live in an earthquake prone zone, You are exactly safe from it.

3. What Causes The More Damage?

The more, the magnitude of earthquake is, the more is the destruction caused by it. Talking about the Nepal earth quake, the magnitude was 7.8 and it caused about 6000 people to die and many of the buildings got collapsed.

If the magnitude would have been 9.0 simply everything would have collapsed. Scientists have got the technology that can foretell the arrival of an earthquake and the possible magnitude that it is supposed to come with. Scientists can do nothing about it but just to seek ways to give that energy the way to pass in an limited amount by various ways before the earth quake to come and thus reduce the impact of it. The more the magnitude of an earth quake is, the greater the damage is caused by it.

4. Solution For Earthquake Prone Zones:-

The areas that have the tectonic plates lying under them are at the major risk of getting affected due to it but that does not means you can’t do anything about it yourself and instead you can choose to go for the engineered solutions of living in order to safe guard yourself against it. There are certain techniques that can be used in order to make a building earth quake safe building as it gets able to bear the magnitude of an earth quake to some extent.


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