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How do Clouds Form in the Atmosphere (5 Steps)

How do Clouds Form


When we see up in the sky, we watch clouds that are sometimes stable and sometimes moving. Often we see flashing lights between these clouds and sometimes rain falling through them. We know what we call clouds obviously, but a few of us know really how they get formed. If you ask someone how clouds get formed, He will probably answer you that the smoke that we generate in our daily lives, it takes the shape of these clouds, but the reality is something else and let me make you understand that in an easy way.

How do Clouds Form in the Atmosphere (5 Steps) - HowFlux

How do Clouds Form in the Atmosphere

1. What Are Clouds Composed of?

You can take clouds to be a mixed composition of the tiny droplets of water or the crystals of ice that get settled on the dust particles in the atmosphere and the temperature and height prove to be the deciding factors for the formation of them. The clouds that are higher are composed of the ice crystals while the lower clouds are made up of water droplets that are too tiny in size.

2. Process of Formation of Clouds:-

When the invisible water vapor in the air around us gets condensed into the visible droplets of water of the ice crystals, Formation of clouds takes place. You can understand it simply in a way that There are tiny aerosols or dust particles that attract the tiny droplets of water and get stick to it following the process of condensation when the air gets cooled. Now, as the droplets keep on sticking, clouds get formed.

3. Temperature Condition For The Formation of Clouds:-

The more warm the temperature is, the more the air is able to hold moisture with it, but the cooler the climate is, the more condensation takes place with water droplets and more clouds get formed and thus cooler climate is favorable for the formation of clouds as in cooler climate, the air is not able to hold much moisture with it.

4. When Do Clouds Get Formed?

Clouds get formed when the air in atmosphere can’t hold any more water vapor in it. The air should be saturated and cooled to the dew point. The air thus is not able to hold more water and clouds get formed as a result of condensation when the atmosphere is cool and thus depending on these factors keep on multiplying themselves.

5. Formation of Rains and Lightning Within Clouds:-

As I told you, clouds are basically composed of the dust and water droplets. The development of charge on these clouds after constant contact with air makes charge to get developed on these clouds and we see lightning in clouds because of this reason only. The formation of rains occurs when the droplets stored in clouds get heavier and as I told you earlier that the clouds rich in ice crystals are much above than the water carrying clouds, the fall of ice crystals and rains keep on happening when they get too much heavier than the clouds can accommodate to bear in them and thus resulting in rains.


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