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How Do Capsules Work In The Body

How Do Capsules Work In The Body


A capsule is manufactured by the process of encapsulation which means enclosing the medicine in a relatively stable shell called a capsule. This capsule can be taken orally with water or with any other liquid recommended by the doctor before or after taking food as recommended. A capsule is actually like kinds of cover which can be divided into two equal halves with each halve being a cylinder attached with a hemisphere if I talk about its geometrical shape. Let us discuss the working of a capsule today.

How Do Capsules Work In The Body

How Do Capsules Work In The Body

1.  There Are Two Types of Capsules:-

  • Hard-shelled capsules:- These are manufactured using gelatin and generally contain medicine in powdered form. These can also contain miniature pellets made by processes like extrusion or spheronisation.
  • Soft-shelled capsules:- These contain liquids or oils or active ingredients instead of powders ingredients or the ingredients which are dissolved or suspended in a kind of oil.

2. Making a capsule:-

  • The medicine to be filled in a capsule is prepared first. Till this time, the capsule is nothing but two halves portions hollow from inside.
  • The medicine is either kept dry or is mixed with oil depending on the type of capsule and then the medicine is filled inside each of these two halves of capsule sealing them while joining together to form a single unit.
  • The capsules are then packed and thus they finally reach us.

3. Working of a Capsule:-

  • The Curing Material is packaged In a Capsule:- As I told you earlier that a capsule contains ingredients with medicinal properties making it easy for us to fight against a particular disease, each of the capsules contains active ingredients if it is containing powdered material. A soft shelled capsule contains the same active material mixed with oil. These material/ingredients have got curing properties against a particular ailment and thus capsules are prepared by pharmaceutical companies for each and every ailment. These capsules are reaching chemist stores from such companies and finally we can purchase them from such chemists.
  • The Doctors Recommend Us a Particular Capsule:- When we reach a doctor, he recommends us with the name of a particular capsule and also recommends us the way of taking it say. The time to take it and the way to take it (If it is to be taken before food or after food, with milk or with water).
  • The Capsule is taken By the Oral Ways:- We take a capsule by our mouth splashing it off from our food pipe along with a liquid say milk or water. As soon as we take a capsule in by the means of out oral ways, the capsule reaches inside the body and the stable shell gets melted or should I say that the seal gets broken.
  • Medicine gets absorbed In the Body:- When the capsule breaks, the drug/medicine in the capsule gets mixed with your food and it gets absorbed by the body in the same way as our body absorbs the nutrients from food. “Villi” in our body are responsible for the absorption of a particular drug and the same projections absorb these medicines and absorption process thus finishes making our body capable to fight a particular ailment.


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