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How Do Algae Grow

How Do Algae Grow


The culture of algae is known as alga culture and as powdered algae has been found to be equipped with breath taking health benefits for mankind. It is readily brought into use. In order to grow algae, the alga culture technique is followed and in case you need to achieve the same, you may do it the way we are mentioning it for you.

How Do Algae Grow

How Do Algae Grow

1. The Algaculture:-

Talking about the way by which algae are produced; it is known as alga culture. This one is a kind of aquaculture that includes the various kinds of species of algae to be planted. The majority of algae come under the category of microalgae that includes the phytoplankton, microphytes, or planktonic algae and the other one being the Microalgae which includes the seaweed. These algae are all having multiple purposes associated with them and in order to cultivate these certain things need to be followed.

2. Selecting the Right Kind for Culture:-

Now first of all before plantation of algae, you will need to judge which kind of algae do you need to plant. This may include the phytoplanktons or the sea weeds or any other certain type of algae species as well. Now, after the perfect kind of algae species has been selected, you need to know about the perfect temperature and pressure conditions associated with the same.

3. Take the Help from Related Departments:-

There are certain horticulture departments related with the government related institutions that can really help you a lot in order to achieve the same. Simply call the farmer’s helpline or visit the nearest farmer’s customer care. This will make you aware about all the sorts of precautions as well as measures that need to be taken from your side so as to go for the plantation of the algae.

4. The Monoculture Technique:-

There is one technique, called the monoculture technique that can be bought in use to maintain the purity of the algae that you need to grow. This one is used for the mixed culture approaches and often you may be required to go for a bit researching in order to avail this option for the culture of algae.

5. Serial Dilution:-

Another technique that can be bought in use so as to go for the plantation of algae is the serial dilution. In this technique we generally dilute either a wild sample or lab sample containing the desired kind of algae species taken along with filtered water and you may notice that in this case the algae will get produced and multiplied very quickly as the process of photosynthesis will be done in a proper way in this case.

6. Take Care of the Growth Inhibitors:-

Before you begin cultivating algae, remember to acknowledge yourself with the all kinds of growth inhibitors that your cultivation may come across and this can be done with the help of farmer’s helpline only. You may even choose to take the help of some farming expert in order to avoid any sort of unfortunate from happening to your cultivation.