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How Diet and Exercise work Together to Help you Stay Fit

How Diet And Exercise Work Together


Dieting is absolutely necessary with gyming. In this era every third person I see is a fitness freak. Every second person I talk to goes to gym and every single person I interact with has a same problem. Guess what? we are not loosing weight even after doing so much of workout.

How Diet and Exercise work Together

How Diet and Exercise work Together

The first thing that strikes their brains is exercising or loosing weight is equal to a dull and mundane routine, a lethargic and a lazy life, a day full of hunger and starvation. Oh! Who told these people that loosing weight is equal to not eating anything.

Friends, dieting is required with gyming or exercising but do not inter change dieting and fasting with each other.

Fasting is an act of eating less or avoiding or skipping some meals because of some religious point of view while dieting is a way of eating. Dieting is totally different from fasting. When fasting is an act of not eating then dieting is a way or a proper technique of eating so that you can maintain your multi-vitamin level and still can pace up for reducing the number of kilo grams.

Why Dieting Is Necessary?

Diet actually means what we eat. What ever we eat in the whole summaries up to the single word that is your diet of the day. So dieting means something which is related to our diet. Yes, dieting is a way of eating properly. When we manage our diet judicially then it becomes dieting for us.

You know what, it is being proved that our effects 70% of our workout regimes while the exercise does the rest of the 30%. That information must be a thunder clap to you I think. But it is the reality. What we eat effects us more then what we try to reduce.

Basically it is a very simple formula:

Calories needed – calories consumed= weight loss/weight gain

When the calories consumed by us is less then the calories required by is then it leads to weight loss and vice versa when the calories consumed exceed the calories required then it leads to accumulation of such calories giving birth to fats. So we ourself are responsible in reducing or gaining our weight. Vegan Meal Plan for Bodybuilding

Dieting is considered some what superior to other exercises because it has fast results. The day you diet is creates a deficit of calories and starts your weight loss but as soon as you start eating it comes back to the same position. That is why dieting must be accompanied with some form of exercise with you find suitable for you.


Whenever we think of starting a regime for weight loss, we start exercising or we start dieting. Every person has its own opinion. But let me be very clear the two main ingredients required to put in front a well fitted, healthy and eye appealing figure are- DIET AND WORKOUT. They have to go hand in hand. Both are incomplete without each other. Only dieting can make you loose many such minerals that are necessary for your body and make you suffer more rather than gaining and only working out without diet is also not beneficial. If you are going to a gym that does not means that you can eat anything. No, that is a wrong thought procedure friends, rather when you are working out you should focus on what you are eating because at that time your body is ready to accept every mineral and set it on your body. So whatever you eat at that has an immediate impact on your body. Even a spoon of cake can be equal to 4 or 5 spoons while doing exercise.

So now I hope you all know that these should go simultaneously as one is incomplete without the other.


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