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How Did Slang Begin

How Did Slang Begin


Slang can be understood as a talk that includes the double or ill meaning words. These words are generally not from any dictionary and have remained in human schedule since time immemorial. It has been used since the period of wars and battles and often was used to confuse the opponents.  The various coding systems have also been introduced from this concept and thus slang is of a great use. Slang can also be used to make a statement in a compressed way. In order to understand how slang actually begins, you may choose to read the further lines that follow.

How Did Slang Begin

How Did Slang Begin

1. The Actual Period of Start is not known:-

If you ask me the exact date when the slang must have come to an existence, that would be out of my knowledge and I can’t ever answer that question because it is known to nobody on this planet. Not even the wisest man because the usage of slang words is prevailing in the society even earlier than the rule of kings and even their forefathers.

2. Even the Kings used to follow it:-

The concept of using slang words was followed even by the kings and emperors as well. They used to make use of these words to communicate while there were wars going on as a range of code words. These words were the best of knowledge of their soldiers, but the enemies were not able to understand these codes and hence it was an effective code of defense.

3. As A Way to Develop Code Language:-

Even today slang words are bought in use as a kind of language that includes code words. Suppose you need to communicate with your friend and there is a certainty that what you speak will be leaked out in between because of someone who is trying to spy you, you can use slang words that are just available to your friend’s knowledge so as to communicate with him or her. This concept of communicating is prevailing in the society since time immemorial and thus needs to be followed.

4. Slang in Today’s World:-

Even in today’s world slang words are used like the word that is “Dick” which is used to address the word penis or the usage of the other such words that are either double meaning or are used specially to describe something that is just available to the knowledge of people whom you are addressing.

5. To Have A Compressed Form of The Text:-

Slang words are also used to make a compressed form of text in order to enter the data to some word processor or some page in a way that you use minimum words to describe maximum things. The usage of slang words this way is an awesome way of describing the things.


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