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How Did Library Begin (6 Steps)

How Did Library Begin


Library can be taken as a dedicated room for the purpose of reading and this dedicated room has got countless number of books meeting the requirements of users in such a way that it gets easy for him to find the specific book according to his need. Generally a catalogue is employed for this purpose and in case of big libraries you may even find the dedicated librarians to assist you with the book finding and book dealing purposes as well. Whenever you reach a library for reading books a thought must have come to your minds how a thought for creating such a hub of books must have come to someone and how the libraries would have come to existence. Well to update your knowledge regarding the same, we have bought here some information regarding the same.

How Did Library Begin

How Did Library Begin

1. The Earlier Form of Library:-

Earlier, when there used to be the time of manuscripts, there were dedicated rooms for the manuscripts to be placed or the tablets to be placed and only a few people could get an access to this place of knowledge, but afterwards, when paper was introduced and people begin translating their literature and writing works in their own language, there increased a need to look for more places of knowledge and thus libraries came to existence.

2. The Initial Form of a Library:-

Libraries began thousands of years ago as archives in which records, maps and other important documents were kept.  The first real libraries we know of existed thousands of years ago in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt. These libraries were the initial form of libraries and these were the same as the ones I explained in the first point.

3. The Modernization of Libraries:-

Now, as the technology kept on meeting new advancements after paper was introduced and when the new researches like Copernicus, Newton, Einstein etc. started giving their theories opposing the olden traditional orthodox beliefs, the new books were published and thus there came an era of modernization that modernized the libraries as well.

4. The Scholarly Works:-

The scholarly works that were done by the humanists were now published on paper and put in the libraries that were generally a room where all the sort of knowledgeable stuff was kept rather it be the maps, the globe or the books, the olden version of manuscript copies etc.

5. The Contribution by Modernization:-

Now the libraries kept on getting modernized and there came an era of computers. Now the libraries were becoming digital, the books were stored in almirahs that were easy to be organized and thus the sophisticated way of placing books came to be formed that took the formation of the modern day libraries that we see in today’s world.

6. The Digitalization of Libraries:-

The advancement of technology that bought the new gadgets like projectors, the DVD ROM etc. bought about an advancement again and now not just the paper printed material was kept in the libraries, but the various CD’s, DVD’s and other such memory disk based stuff also came to an existence.


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