How Did English Language Begin

How Did English Language Begin


English has become an international language today and as we are seeing, the most of works today are done using it as the main mode of communication. Even the people who keep on traveling from one place to another, choose to learn English as it is an international language and you may not find people speaking your language in some other country but you will surely find some English speaking people out there. Though we have been speaking and learning English since we were born, but how did it come in origin? Well, for this purpose let us get a little bit deeper and find how it exactly happened.

How Did English Language Begin

How Did English Language Begin

Give Your Mind A Throttle Once Again:-

Nearly 1500 years ago, when even England was not founded, the main languages that were in existence used to be French and Latin. English came to an existence in 449 A.D. when people begin writing their literary works in English after choosing it as a medium of writing thus if someone asks you when English begin, you may simply answer that it was made one and half a millennium ago.

The Revolutions That Took Place amongst People:-

There came a time when people realized that only their language was a key to their freedom and without it they could be slaves. The people started conserving their language and even more literary works were made. This way the writers and novelists begin writing in English and afterwards, even the name England was given to the British area. The writers and novelists played a great contribution to this and the more they used to write in English, the more it got its priority and as a result it has today become an international language.

What the History of English Literature Tell us:-

According to the history of Indian literature, earlier there were three languages in existence. One was Latin; one was French and third was English. In this period, English had not been nurtured and it was at the last priority amongst all the three. All the official works were made either in Latin or French and there were no literary works made in English in this period of time.

Now the churches used to be the supreme authority at this point of time and there was no paper introduced till then. The literary works were not printed, and instead they were carved on stones. The church being the only supreme authority had the access to these scriptures and people could read these only under the surveillance of the church whose head used to be pope.

Now there came an era when the printing press was bought in England and this is why the people who could not bring the printed form of these works to their homes could get the printed copies of it and now these works were printed in all the languages by the transcriptions. This way English came into existence and many literary works were now made using English as a base for it.


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