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How Did Circus Begin

how did the first circus begin


Whenever someone takes the name circus, the faces of funny clowns must come in front of you right? Well circus was and is a way of entertainment equally entertaining like any other form of entertainment including the movies, drama or any other such item is. There are various aspects and dates associated with circuses and to make you familiar with all of them, let us get ahead and make you familiar with the way how circus begin and the changes that it came across.

how did circus begin

How Did Circus Begin

1. The Origination of Circus:-

The period when circus originated is not known, but it has been a source of entertainment since time immemorial. Firstly, Philip Astley is known as the father of modern circus, but regarding the father or mother of the olden circus, hardly anything is known.

2. The Advancement of Circus:-

The circuses earlier involved the usage of some group of people who used to perform various acts that could make you laugh. The usage of multiple dwarf clowns was since even the day the circuses had started and thus these can be taken to be prevailing in society even before the advancement of the cultures.

3. The Usage of Wild Animals:-

Now there came an era in which the wild animals had been started to be used for the purpose of entertaining the viewers and the multiple animals like the lions, tigers, the elephants, the kangaroos, the bears and what not? Approximately all the kinds of animals were bought in use for circuses and this was meant to bring about a shift in the number of circus viewers.

4. The Ban on Usage of Wild Animals:-

Though the idea of entertaining people with the help of animals was great, but this includes the animals to be deprived of their natural habitat and held captive in cages. There were many animals that looked malnourished and even sometimes the teeth of such animals were broken to make them become public friendly that was a great blunder to the life of jungle animals as people had started picking the animals up from their natural habitats for the circuses.

5. Philip Astley, the Father of the Modern Circus:-

Talking about Philip Astley, who is known as the father of the modern circus, he was born in 1742 and remained alive till 1814. He was the son of a cabinet maker and veneer cutter. He had served in the seven years war in Colonel Elliot’s regiment and he used to serve as a horse trainer out there in it. He also had opened a riding school near Westminster Bridge in 176, where he Taught in the morning and performed his “feats of horsemanship” in the afternoon. He brought forward his tactics in use so as to bring forward the word circus and became the father of modern circuses.

6. The Survival of Circus Artists in Today’s World:-

The main source of attraction in these circuses used to be the animals as well as clowns. The use of animals was banned in the late 19th century, which is why there was a downfall reported in the number of circus viewers and thus the contemporary circuses survive only on the exercising tactics of the performed artists and clowns only.


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