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How Deaf People Think in Sign Language

How Deaf People Think


A person having lack of the power of hearing or having the impaired power of hearing is regarded as a deaf person. Such people are considered to be handicapped by ears or hearing abilities and thus they lead a different life with signs and symbols to depict what they wish for. The other individuals have to make them understand everything in their language only. The question that most of the people ask here from me is that if these people can’t hear anything, then how do they think or view dreams. What is the stage of their mind while performing anything? Well the answer to all these questions lies in the same article.

How Deaf People Think in Sign Language

How Deaf People Think in Sign Language

1. A Language Of Signals:-

Deaf people usually use a language of signs in order to think or react on any topic. Their one sense may have left their company, but the other senses like touch, sight, feel etc. are still working and when these senses can make an animal think and understand, how can the deaf people be spared from thinking or reacting? Obviously they do think and react, but in a language of signs and gestures.

2. They Think In Sign-Language:-

According to a theory, Most of the deaf people think in sign language if they were born deaf. They have never heard their own voice and thus their voice is always mute, even while thinking. They talk with their heads or hands making gestures, even in their mind.

3. They Watch Others Doing The Same:-

As a deaf person can’t hear anything, he simply experiences everyone making lip movements in their dreams and no-one has the ability to speak in their dreams. Some people are fools who despite of every speaking effort are not able to make them understand anything while the others, who are smart have the guts to make them understand with signs.

4. Depends Partially On The Level Of Their Deafness:-

It also depends on an individual’s level of deafness. Suppose if a person was not born deaf, but he became deaf because of some hazard which took place with him. This will make him think in his own old voice. Whatever we imagine in our dreams is imagined with our own voice and when a person used to speak in a voice, he will surely be familiar with it now as well.

5. A Beautiful World Is Imagined:-

According to another theory, deaf people imagine a world much similar to the real world, but they try to imagine the things that they like the most. It may be mountains, flowers, butterflies or even some personal experience. They imagine a beautiful world where everyone can understand them and where they can understand everyone, but sometimes, they also imagine the worse that happened with them in the past.

6. Comparatively More Intelligent Sometimes:-

Deaf people should never be underestimated. Only one of their senses has stopped working and all the other senses are still awake. They can be even more intelligent than you sometimes. Though they do not have the ability to hear, but the ability to see and understand signs can make them achieve and accomplish even huge tasks better than a normal individual.


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