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How Consumers Are Exploited In Marketplace

How Consumers Are Exploited


Consumer exploitation refers to the way consumers are cheated and exploited by adulterated products, low quality stuff and other such ways of money making. The society is capitalist and thus consumer should be the lord of his own ways, but rather he is frauded and cheated by companies in this society in an urge to make more money. Some of these ways of looting the consumer includes overweighting or underweighting, adulteration, high prices, substandard quality of products, duplicacy of products, rude behavior, poor services etc. Though multiple laws have been enacted by governments of various nations in this direction for consumer benefits but still the companies and sellers make huge profits adopting such ways in order to exploit the consumer. The ways in which consumers are exploited by sellers can be explained as follows:-

How are Consumers Exploited in Marketplace

How are Consumers Exploited

1. Duplicacy of Products:-

Duplicacy of products is one of the major and most prominent ways in which sellers cheat the buyers. Some of the shopkeeper’s purchases lose containers and sachets from the market in order to pack them with duplicate products. This can include duplicate butter, duplicate milk, duplicate cereals and approximately every other such item available in the market.

2. Underweighting and Overweighting:-

When you reach the market to sell anything for example your old gold ornaments, the shopkeeper will underweight them in order to purchase them from you at cheap prices but you instead reach him to purchase something, he is sure to overweight it in order to fetch more money from you. Some of the sellers often stick magnet with weighing balance in order to make it weight more. Some even break the weighing balance pin to make frauds while weighing.

3. High Prices:-

Most of the shopkeepers these days get special rate tags printed for themselves. They purchase items at a minimum retail price, but they fix a slip of price tag even more than the maximum retail price on it. When we ask them about the reason, they talk vulgar with us. Some who talks politely say that they have to do this in order to safeguard themselves from the custom duties hence making fraud with the consumers.

4. Rude Behavior:-

Rude behavior is one of the personality traits of simply all shopkeepers and sellers these days. They adulterate the food items, they affix a rate tag more than MRP value and when you ask them about the reason, they start arguing with you and insulting you to make others stay at a bay from asking such questions from them. Some even start misbehaving with you.

5. Adulteration of Products:-

Adding mud, low of cheap quality substitutes etc. to the original product means adulteration. This is done these days even with the tea served at railways stations. The tea vendors are found mixing colors, artificial tea compound etc. in the tea that they make for cheap production of tea like liquid which proves to be cancerous for the health of the person who consumes it, but proves to be a business on the other side for such tea vendors. Same is done with other such products mixing them with the impurities or substitute ingredients.

6. Sub-Standard and Poor Services:-

Most of the fraud sellers and cheats sitting in the market cheat you by selling sub-standard and below standard products on the name of genuine and high class products telling you that it is better than the one you are asking for. Often such sellers provide you with lack of customer satisfaction and poor services which serves to make you suffer drawbacks of purchasing.


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