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How Can you Kill Bed Bugs at Home (7 Steps)

How to Kill Bed Bugs at Home


These ones are the parasitic insects of the CIMICID family that feed on blood and result in a number of adverse effects to our health including skin rashes, allergies as well as diseases. With increasing health hazards of this insect, there comes a great need to look for the approaches to get rid of it or to kill it and thus in this article we have come up with some tips for you that will help you get rid of it in a simple manner.

How Can you Kill Bed Bugs at Home (7 Steps) - HowFlux

How Can you Kill Bed Bugs at Home

1. Inspection and killing:-

The first thing that you can do in order to kill bed bugs is to inspect the areas where you can find them. You need to inspect the areas properly and then you can seek for the approaches to kill them. When you find these bugs, you simply need to kill them with a broom as most of the women do.

2. Bedbug eliminator:-

You can even go for the bedbug eliminator sprays that you can sprinkle in your household in order to eliminate these bedbugs. You can even manage to go for the other ones like mortein bug spray or you may even manage to call a bug fighter team at you house that municipality offers these days in the metropolitan cities.

3. Bedbug sprays:-

There are some companies that issue bedbug sprays that come with a nozzle pipe that you can insert in the hide out places of these bedbugs and you can spray the content in these areas to kill these bugs. You can even manage to have a borax spray sprinkled time to time in these areas in order to get rid of these bugs.

4. Maintain cleanliness:-

You will always find bugs residing in the areas that remain dirty. If you don’t clean your home for a month or so, It will become a habitat for these bed bugs to live in and this I advise you to maintain proper cleanliness in your surroundings in order to get rid of these bed bugs.

5. Pesticides:-

Pesticides are the chemicals that are used to kill pests. These pesticides are readily available on chemical shops and you can manage to use them to get rid of bed bugs. Pesticides should be sprinkled once every three moths to get rid of these pests.

6. Vacuum and steaming:-

Steaming is an approach that can help you get rid of bed bugs. Steaming makes them run away of the area as they feel suffocated in it. If you can’t go for steaming, you should go for the other approaches like vacuum cleaner in order to do so. Vacuum cleaner is an electronic device that sucks up the dirt and these bed bugs get eliminated easily using it.

7. Another tip for you:-

Bed bugs live in dirty clothes as well as dirty areas. If you clean your surroundings neat and clean, they never get a chance to invade your room and thus I advice you to keep changing bed sheets as well as curtains and keep your clothes washed at lest every moth even when you are not wearing them and I advice you not to throw the worn out socks and other stuff under your bed or in almirah as it might prove to be a habitat for bed bugs to live in.


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