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How Can i Change my Religion

How Can i Change my Religion


A religion is a collection of beliefs, culture and views that relate to a particular group of people. There are many religions around us and thus we have come with an article to describe the process of changing the religion for all by just following some simple steps mentioned here.

How Can i Change my Religion

How Can i Change my Religion

1. Make Some Research:-

When you enter some new religion, you enter a new world, you come across new people and obviously their thoughts are also different, their lifestyles are different and the way they take things are different. You may think to change your religion one moment because of some good quality of some religion and the other moment you will be cursing it for one of its bad things. Things are different with every culture and thus I will advise you to research properly about a specific religion before joining it.

2. Know What You Adopt And What You Will Have To Leave:-

Certain religions demand you to leave your previous religion completely while adopting the another religion. You have to live life like themselves, take part in their rituals and practices and leave all the old ways and adopt their ways. Some even force you to neglect your people and live in their society only.

3. Learn What Needs To Be Done:-

If you want to adopt the Muslim religion, you will have to go to a kaazi or maulavi in order to change your religion and accept Islam in front of him. If you are a Jewish fellow, you will have to undergo a ritual conducted according to the Jewish culture in which they take a drop of blood from your body with a needle while some words of blessings are said. You need to wash yourself in holy water and reject the other methodologies as well. If you want to adopt the Christian culture, you will have to go to the church in order to change your religion in front of the father of the church and confess your sins and ask the god for forgiveness. Every religion has its own practices that you will have to follow thus first learn what process you will have to follow and what conditions they will impose on you.

4. Stay In Touch With The People:-

Before adopting some religion, make some friends that already are from that religion, It will help you in certain ways as there are some limitations with every religion and as you are new to that religion, you surely must be new to those limitations also. Staying in touch with a friend will save your life as he or she will always stay close to give you a friendly advice to act in a mature way.

5. Learn The Art of Patience:-

Religion is not a small thing that you adopt one day and leave the other day. Remember, there are millions of people related with a religion and if they feel that you are trying to mortify their religion at some point or the other, they are likely to stand against you and situations are likely to get worse this way. I will advice you to think twice before joining any religion as to avoid any condition like this as well.


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