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How Big Is The Universe

How Big Is The Universe


Talking about the universe, basically the entire planets, the solar system, the other celestial objects that we see in the sky, etc. all are a part of it and regarding the fact how big is this universe, your imagination will fail to imagine how big it can be. Even the biggest of scientists ever born on earth are not able to explore it to the fullest and this is why we say that we are just a particle of the universe and in order to know why I am saying this, the further lines will give you an idea about that.

How Big Is The Universe

How Big Is The Universe

1. Universe Is a Big Thing and We Demonstrating the Earth Are Merely a Particle of That Thing:-

See an ant and then see yourself. You are thousands a time bigger than it. Now see yourself and then compare the size of the entire earth with it. Now imagine about the solar system that comprises of almost eight planets and some dwarf planets as well. This must be millions a times larger right? And now think about a galaxy that is surrounded by many other galaxies. Just imagine, all this is a part of the universe which means we are not even the 0.000000000001% part of it and thus it is right when I say that universe is a big thing and we demonstrate as merely a particle of that big thing.

2. There Are Countless Galaxies with Countless Planets:-

As I told you earlier, that in our own galaxy there are eight planets and even some dwarf planets as well. Now there are countless galaxies in the universe and obviously there will be thus many planets multiplying in hundreds or thousands of number right? May be there is some other planet like earth as well.

3. There May Be Many Other Celestial Objects that are even not known Till the Date:-

True is when we say that human is just a particle. The scientists have not been able to explore the entire universe till yet as it is a much big place. There may be certain other celestial objects that are not even known to him till the date and thus with the advancements in technology, maybe some day we come to know about it.

4. The Extent to Which We Have Explored It Is Just A Few Steps that we have taken:-

Now just the planets and galaxies, but there are Countless Moons and Countless Stars or Sun as well. The extent to which we have explored the universe is still at a baby stage. We have just taken a few steps and in order to explore the universe, there is still a long go.

5. Many Planets under Formation and Many Meeting Their End:-

There may be many planets and sun that are still under formation by the cloud of gases as well as dust and there may be many planets that are meeting their end and again turning to gases as well as dust of smoke. You can’t even ever say that you know what universe is, as it always keeps on surprising us.


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