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How are Caves Formed

How Are Caves Formed


Cave refers to the open passage or mouth in any rock or mountain. This natural opening serves as a hideout or even a place of hibernation in some of the cases and often the caves can be covered up with ice or may even be the masses of rocks. This natural opening is too large for a human to enter it and these may be made of some glacier, some crevice or some erosion of rocks or may even be a result of volcanic eruptions. The fact that these caves are made always puts us in a great kind of jeopardy, which is why here we have bought some information for you regarding the same that will make you aware of the fact how these caves get formed.

How Are Caves Formed

How are Caves Formed

1. The Formation of Caves Due To Erosion:-

The first factor that results in the formation of caves is the erosion of soil. The layer by layer erosion of soil that takes place is the main culprit behind the formation of the caves as it results in formation of an opening that is enough for man to enter.

2. Formation of Caves Due To Flow of Water:-

We know that flowing water at great speed has got so much power that it can even make the mountains move, then what are the small rocks in front of it? Well, this flow of water creates a kind of passage by trimming off the rocks in mountains and makes a kind of passage for water to come out. This place remains flowing with water till there is a source, but when there is no flow of water or the source gets empty, the opening functions as a cave.

3. The Gravitational Breakdown:-

Another thing that may result in the formation of caves is the gravitational breakdown. This leads to the formation of caves on a large scale and talking about the caves, there are many caves that are as old as mammoths but often stay covered with ice.

4. The Volcanic Eruptions:-

The volcanic eruptions are also likely to make the rocks get melted and thus create a kind of passage under the mountains in a cave like form. This space under the mountains that is actually a product of volcanic eruptions is enough for humans to enter and thus functions as a cave.

5. The Collapse of Rocks:-

Often during the landslides and collapse of rocks, a new kind of passages are likely to be developed that may again result to the formation of caves enough for humans to enter but these are the ones with most associated hazards. Even the thieves and robbers take shelter in these kinds of caves.

6. The Dissolution of Limestone through Cracks and Crevices:-

We know that limestone gets dissolved in rain water and other kinds of water that comes with a flow. The dissolution of limestone this way is also enough to create a passage through cracks and crevices and this passage will keep on getting enlarged with each layer of limestone flowing with water thus creating a kind of cave.


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