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How and How Much to Clean an Air Conditioner

How to Clean an Air Conditioner


Split air conditioner can be regarded as the air conditioners that are fixed up on the walls of houses instead of the windows and they are split into two units, one of which is fixed up at the roof top and another one at the inside walls of your houses. These units are more much better than the window units in a way that they cool your room better and thus there comes a need to look for the approaches that help us clean it in a better way with its increasing need and thus here we have come with some tips for you to help you clean it in a better way.

How and How Much to Clean an Air Conditioner

How and How Much to Clean an Air Conditioner

1. Cleaning up the wire gauze in front window:-

Take out the front window using the dedicated press technique to do so. You will find a plastic gauze here that you need to remove and you can manage to clean it with some good detergent removing all the dirt that has accumulated on it.

2. Cleaning up the outer cabinet:-

Now when the gauze has got clean, you can choose to clean up the rest of air conditioner cabinet from outside. Take some good stain remover and clean it with some dry cloth after doing so. You can even choose to clean it up with the car stain remover products.

3. Clean up the web if any:-

If you find any spider web at the outer portion, stabilizer or the attached unit, you can choose to clean it up taking another cloth and you can clean up the dirt accumulated besides the stabilizer as well. You might find dirt on the attached wirings and this dirt can be cleaned dipping some small cotton ball in stain remover liquid.

4. Clean up the stabilizer:-

After removing the extra dirt from your air conditioner stabilizer, there may still be some dirt or stains left on it. You can now choose to clean up these stains and extra dirt with a cotton ball dipped in the stain removal solution.

5. Clean up the roof fixed unit:-

There is a roof fixed unit with every split air conditioner that comes in contact with dirt and sand each day. Go for the dusting of it as well. You can start up by cleaning up the fan parts, the exterior body or you may vacuum clean it as well.

6. Cleaning care:-

There is a water outlet pipe attached to your air conditioner, simply take the plate out, clean up the pipe and fix it back. While cleaning up the air conditioner, remember to keep it switched off. At last you can choose to clean up the power unit, the beads of air window and the buttons portion. Remember to clean up the bids in a gentle way to as to avoid any cleaning crisis. You can even choose to clean it up with some car polish after the cleaning dirt job gets finished in order to get added shine on its surface. You can even choose to call a mechanic to get it serviced if there is any problem with it or even if there is no problem, you should get your air conditioner serviced every 6 months.


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