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How a Murderer’s Mind Works

5 Proven Points How a Murderer’s Mind Works


A murderer is someone who murders some one using any of the tricks that comes to his mind, let it be a plan of assassination or a plan of brutal killing. A murderer’s mind works abnormally is known to us but most of you won’t be aware of the fact that a murderer’s mind is always in an active state and because of this active mind only a murderer is able to achieve the fruit that he longs for. Here we are trying to make you familiar with various aspects of a murderer’s mind that will make you able to understand how exactly a murderer’s mind works that will enrich your knowledge in this direction.

5 Proven Points How a Murderer’s Mind Works

How a Murderer’s Mind Works

1. A Murderer Is Always Out Of His Senses but Still In His Senses:-

A murderer’s mind is always out of his senses but is still in his senses. You must be thinking that the writer has gone mad but this is really true. A murderer is out of senses as he is planning a murder but his is for the others who watch his act. In his inner self, he is actually committing a job of intelligence and thus his mind is in a really active stage.

2. A Murderer Never Leaves a Chance of Survival:-

A murderer is actually planning his strategy from inside. He does not wish to leave even a single chance of survival for his enemy and thus his mind is always in an active state planning new ways of dodging his prey to get a grab of him in such a way that there is no chance to run away.

3. He tries to think From the Victim’s Point Of View:-

A murderer actually thinks from the victim’s point of view. He makes an estimate that if he would have been the victim, what he would have done to survive and this gives him hundred options that the victim may use in order to get spared from him. He considers all these options and works out on a strategy that results in a perfect and professional killing.

4. A Murderer Always Keeps the Plan-B ready:-

A murderer has always got a plan-B ready for himself. He always keeps several plans with himself that if the victim get spared from plan-A, he may be able to work on plan-B and thus the killer becomes professional. He would consider all the ways that may make him get caught afterwards and thus won’t leave even a single proof behind.

5. The More the Murders done, the More A Murderer Gets Insane:-

The more the murders are committed by a murderer, the more he becomes a professional and the more he gets professional, the more he gets insane. There is A Sort Of Passion on A Murderer’s Mind and after he commits the murder, he runs away not even leaving a single mark of step behind him. Though a murderer considers all what may make him caught but still this is the world of science and science has got logic and proof for everything. He knows he would get caught some day but still chooses to keep hidden and to keep on committing his job without fear.


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