6 Tips On How to Housebreak Your Dog

How to housebreak your dog


To housebreak a pet means to teach the ways of living in house to him. This includes a process of training, which makes a dog socialized enough to live with its owners. When you begin housebreaking your dog, you teach him the ways of urinating, excreting, sleeping and eating. Generally a dog will urinate or excrete anywhere in the house when you bring it home, but if you housebreak him, the dog will soon learn the ways of living. If yours is a guard dog, this will also include training about how to guard the house and how to deal with the intruders. In order to housebreak your dog, you can follow these simple tips:-

How to housebreak your dog

How to Housebreak Your Dog

1. Get the Injection Treatment Made:-

It is ok if you bring home a puppy as its teeth and claws will still be in a growing stage. If you have planned to bring home a grown-up adult dog, keep in mind to first get the injection treatment done. This includes anti-bite, rabies and disease protection injections. Once vaccinations get made, your dog becomes perfect for keeping in the house.

2. Scold and Treat:-

Housebreaking a dog just includes two things. Scold your dog for wrong deeds and give it a treat when it does something good. For example, if your dog urinates in one of your shoes, scold it for that, but if it urinated when you take it for walk, feed it with his favorite snacks, cereals or biscuits.

3. Get the Dog for a Morning and Evening Walk:-

Besides this, take your dog daily for morning and evening walk. This will be the time when you will be able to teach your dog how to urinate or excrete. Fix a time for taking your dog out daily. One time in the morning and one time in the evening. It is better if you chain your dog near a sewage pipe so that even if it urinated during the day, the urine may be guided straight away to the sewage pipeline.

4. Feed the Dog at Same Time Each Day:-

Besides this, you should feed the dog at the same time each day. A puppy needs to be fed with the same eatables that a baby feeds upon. This includes the cereals, protein shakes, cerelac and other such cereal based items. An adult dog can also be fed with other home based items. Instead of meat, pedigree will serve to be a better option if you can manage to purchase it.

5. Take Your Dog to the Bathroom:-

An average dog urinates four to five times a day provided you feed it with a limited amount of liquid diet. Take your dog to bathroom after every three to four hours during the day. In case of dog breeds like pug etc. the bladder is really weak and such type of breed dogs may need to be taken multiple times to toilet during the day.

6. Have a Watch:-

Have a watch at your dog’s habits from a distance. Some puppies start eating what they excrete themselves if you do not clean it up. This trait in dogs needs to be brought under control before it becomes a habit.


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