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Homemade Treatment For Pyria

Home Remedies for Pyria


Pyria is an oral health problem in which a foul smell comes out of your mouth. This is also addressed by the name “Bad Breath Problem” because of this nature only. This also causes a bleeding of your gums when you eat or brush your teeth. Pyria can be really a headache for you sometimes when people do not answer your sentences and choose to stay away from you because of the bad smell coming out of your mouth. If you are suffering from this mouth problem, you need not worry about it as here we have bought some easy tips for you to treat pyria at home.

Homemade Treatment For Pyria

Homemade Treatment For Pyria

1. Take Citrus Fruits:-

Citrus fruits are a hub of Vitamin-C and pyria is caused due to lack of this vitamin. If you add fruits like oranges, grapefruit, lemons, amla etc. in your diet, you can really get relieved against the problem of pyria. Vitamin-C also saves you from a disease called scurvy and thus eating citrus fruits will provide many other added benefits to you as well.

2. Take Calcium Rich Foods:-

Our tooth is made of calcium and when there is a lack of calcium in our body, the teeth start getting deteriorated. If you add calcium content rich foods to your diet, they can help you against pyria as more calcium means fortified teeth. Calcium rich foods include the ones like milk, eggs, yoghurt, cheese etc.

3. Salt Massage Your Teeth:-

A salt massage everyday can also treat your teeth against pyria and gum problems. You must have watched that advertisement on television,” Does your toothpaste contain salt?” I support that advertisement because salt can make you get rid of pyria. Simply Take powdered rock salt mixed with mustard oil and use this mixture daily to massage your teeth regularly with it. This will make you get rid of all the tooth and gum problems soon.

4. Chew Mint for Breath:-

The problem of bad or foul smell coming from mouth can be overcome adding mint to your schedule. You can chew mint gum or mint tablets etc. In order to make your mouth feel refreshed. This habit should be adopted daily till the foul smell ends.

5. Use Garlic in Food:-

According to a study, people who chew garlic or add it to their diet are less associated with the cases of gum problems or foul smell coming from their mouth. You can also add garlic cloves to your food converting them to a paste mixing with ginger to take it daily mixing it with the vegetables while cooking them. This will make you get rid of pyria soon.

6. Onion Juice and Cinnamon:-

Cinnamon is the powder product of the bark of cinnamon tree. If you use this powder mixed with oil and rock salt to brush your teeth with it, the problem of pyria will soon be eradicated from your mouth. You can also take out juice from some onions to apply it on the affected gums to get rid of pyria.


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