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Home Remedies to Stop Coughing and Cold

Home Remedies For Cough


The sudden and repeating occurring of an inhalation and forced exhalation followed by a violent sound from mouth is what we call as cough. This is similar somewhat to sneezing, but is much terrible than that in a way that it includes breathing problem as well. This condition is known to almost all of us and has affected each of us at some point of time and thus there comes a need to look for the natural approaches that can help us treat it in a better way and thus here we have come with some home remedies for you to do so.

Home Remedies to Stop Coughing and Cold

Home Remedies to Stop Coughing and Cold

1. Basil Leaves:-

Basil can be regarded as a holy plant worshipped in India that comes equipped with medicinal properties. Those who consume a leaf of this plant daily never experience any case of cough. You can even add two or three leaves of this plant in order to get added relief from cough as well.

2. Honey:-

Honey can be regarded as a sweet product made by the honey bees that is equipped with medicinal properties and one amongst these medicinal properties is relief from cough. You can add honey daily to your milk in order to get relieved from the problem of cough.

3. Nasal Drops Along With Steam Therapy:-

Sometimes, It is seen that your nose gets congested when you encounter the health problem of cough. You can get relieved from this nose congestion putting nasal drops in your nose and thus making your nose immune against it. You can even choose to go for steam therapy in order to get rid of the problem of cough.

4. Rest And Gulp Water:-

Sometimes, the patient of cough seems to be restless and thus it is advised to take proper rest and stay free from every type of stress. You are advised to stay hydrated in order to get added benefits and relief from the related symptoms as well.

5. Terminalia Chebula:-

Terminalia Chebula or what we call as harad in Hindi can act as the best home remedy to cure cough. Simply take some powder of it, mix it along with cinnamon and some honey and take it three to four times a day, your cough problem will end for sure. You can even choose to go for some tea syrup made by adding cinnamon, some cloves, Terminalia chebula and honey with tea leaves in it and serve hot. You will get relieved from this cough problem of yours.

6. In case, nothing works:-

In case no home remedy works for you, the last thing that you can try out in order to get relieved from cough is to get a cough relief solution. You can get these cough syrups from any leading medical store. The dosage depends on your age and type of cough. Remember to read up the dosage and instructions before taking a dose for yourself. You can go for the ones like Benadryl, etc. If still you don’t get a relief, you can meet up some good doctor and seek for check up from him as there might be some relating disease resulting in it.


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