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6 Home Remedies to Stop Bed Wetting Permanently

How to Stop Bedwetting


Bed wetting can be regarded as an involuntary urination while the person is sleeping. The problem might be a result of week bladder or may even be a result of some other health disorder. This might be a result of family history of this health problem as well. It may be OK with the kids, but it is not nice to see yourself wetting your bed in older age and thus we have come up with some tips for you to cure this health problem in a smart and better way, some of which are as follows:-

Home Remedies to Stop Bed Wetting Permanently

Home Remedies to Stop Bed Wetting Permanently

1. Urination Habit:-

First of all, I will like you to adopt a habit and that is to go for urination before going to bed. Though you may not be feeling a need of it, still you are advised to go for urination before sleeping. This helps you delay urination in bed as well. You should make a habit that you will not drink anything at least one hour before sleeping, as it can prove to bring you an added benefit. Some even have the habit of drinking hot milk before sleeping, if this makes you urinate frequently, I will advice you not to go and sleep, till you urinate.

2. Consult With Doctor:-

If you have grown old much as not to wet up your bed, you can go and meet some good doctor. He will prescribe you some medications that can help you get rid of this habit of yours. There are some medicines that are readily available on medical stores that can be taken in order to recover from this health problem as well.

3. Strengthen Your Bladder:-

If you are a small kid, it is ok to experience such things but if you are an adult, May be you are experiencing this problem because of a week bladder. You can seek to go for a diet that strengthens your bladder and makes it strong enough to hold water in it. Another reason may be that you are less practiced to hold on pressure, you should better learn these things.

4. Cinnamon:-

Even cinnamon can help you a lot in order to stop bed wetting. Just add it in your tea or add it in your milk in order to get relieved from bed wetting problem and you will see the results yourself in just a week. You can even go for the herbal or aayurvedic approaches to seek relief from this problem.

5. Nuts And Raisins:-

Raisins are basically dehydrated grapes that will drink up water when they go in your body to hydrate themselves and thus there will be less liquid in your body. You can switch to a diet full of raisins and nuts in it in order to relieve you from the problem of bed wetting.

6. Amla:-

Amla or alma based products can even be consumed in order to get an added relief from this health problem . Amla is an Indian berry that is proven to be health packed to help you get rid of this bed wetting habit of yours.


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