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6 Home Remedies to Sharpen your Brain

Home Remedies to Sharpen your Brain


If I ask you what brain does to us, you will probably answer that the purpose of brain is for thinking on various purposes, but let me tell you that it does not only makes you think but also helps you remember the things and give a specific response to the stimulus. One moment an enemy is approaching you to attack you, the other moment you make a kick and he turns to blues, this is because of brain only. The hot food causes you burns and you immediately take the utensil away from your mouth, this is again because of brain and thus to have a healthy functioning of these senses, we should maintain the brain health as well.

Home Remedies to Sharpen your Brain

Home Remedies to Sharpen your Brain

1. Turmeric as a Brain Booster:-

It has been found out in a survey that turmeric acts as the best brain boosting spice amongst all. Simply take the turmeric root powder and add it to your milk daily and drink it before sleeping. Turmeric can rather heal the inner wounds and make you relieved against multiple internal health injuries as well.

2. Almonds to Boost Memory:-

Almonds are your best friend in case you need to keep the brain healthy. Simply soak 8-9 almonds daily in water while going for sleep and then make a milk shake with them in the morning grinding the almonds in a stone grinder with w piece of wood. This milk shake will really prove to boost your brain. Almonds can also be added as it is after soaking them overnight.

3. Thyme, Omega-3 Fats and Oregano:-

It has been observed that oregano and thyme is associated with brain health. The omega-3 fats are also advised by the health specialists so as to enhance the brain health. Simply take everything rich in omega-3 fats to get an adequate portion of these fats and you will get sorted in an easy way.

4. Sage, Black Pepper and Rosemary:-

Various herbs have also been found to be linked with brain health as well. These include sage and rosemary. Simply add them to your daily needs and make usage of them to boost the brain health. It has also been found that the black pepper that we generally use to sprinkle on pizzas an other such dishes proves to maintain the brain health as well.

5. Avoid Brain Related Injuries:-

It has been found that people who meet brain related disorders have been a victim of some accident in the past that involved causing an injury to their skull. In case you need to safeguard yourself against brain health problems, you should avoid any accident or mishappening happen to the area of your head as well. Adopt safe driving habits and keep your brain safe.

6. Meditation and Aerobic Exercises:-

In case you are a patient of some brain related disorder, you are advised to take proper medication so as to get rid of it by meeting the health specialist at regular intervals. You are also advised to have some open and fresh air by bringing some aerobic exercises to your schedule.


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